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I have to say, having access to all this information is pretty cool, especially for someone like me who just likes to experiment with stuff.  I built a test search/info page (joshguerette.site90.com, it's a test domain as my provider doesn't like PHP headers or something), and it allowed me to learn a little XML (well, SimpleXML) along the way. 
I do have a question though, any advantages to using JSON instead of XML?  I didn't really know too much about either when I started, but I understood the concept of XML better so that's why I chose it.  I am curious as to what makes JSON a lesser/equal/better choice to use, and if anyone knows of any good reading on it, let me know.

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JSON is ideal for JavaScript. If you're not using JavaScript, it doesn't make much difference which format you use. JSON has a smaller payload, but if that doesn't matter to you then just pick the one you're most familiar with and use that.

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As mentioned above, JSON just has lower overhead than XML, possibly at the cost of being less readable by humans - but that's usually not a big concern. 

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Actually I find JSON to be much more readable at a glance than XML.