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OPTIONAL: I have a personal blog where I've created a custom page type in Wordpress known as a 'game diary'. It will aggregate all of my blog posts relating to that game, and also pull tweets containing the hash tag which maps to that game. E.g. Monster Hunter Ultimate I will tag with #mhu so that I can see all my tweets about Monster Hunter on the game diary page. The problem is that Twitter has a limited history - you can't go beyond 3,200 tweets - so I can't really treat each game diary as a true historical page.

QUESTION: Is it possible to query a user's status updates / wall posts on their Giant Bomb profile via a REST call (or any data format). If so, what is the cut-off date - or can you go all the way back to the user's very first status update?

If the above isn't possible - has anybody got any advice for a twitter-like site or app that will enable full traversal of post history. I realise I could just post a new short blog direct to my site, under the game category, rather than tweet - but the good thing about tweeting is that I can make a mark on a credible website (for SEO purposes) and maybe acquire some followers and interest from others.

Thanks very much for reading.

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In an ideal world the Ratpr service would have an API - as you can do status updates on there, and I also have all of my played time tracking on there.