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Having the same issue. Docs are saying this should work. Is it a bug?

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same problem here...

http://www.giantbomb.com/api/games/?format=json&api_key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&filter=name:nhl%2015 : WORKS

http://www.giantbomb.com/api/games/?format=json&api_key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&filter=name:nhl%2015&platforms=146 : NOT WORKING

146 = PS4

The second request is giving me all records about the platform used in the query and it doesn't take the filter by field...

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@doodirock: @maximedubois: @cracklepopflash:Only a year later, we have a fix for this. http://www.giantbomb.com/api/games/?format=json&api_key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&filter=name:nhl%2015&platforms=146 should now work properly. Fix will be live in 2 days.

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Was this ever patched @jslack? I just tried this and it didn't seem to work at all


Id really love to be able to only search latest gen and PC

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@poopertropper: Hmm, something might be wrong there. What do you expect to see in that query? (Also, I removed your API key from your post).

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Was hoping for it to only show Xbox, PC, and PS4 results in that list.

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Any solution on this issue ?

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@jslack: Heyy any news about this issue ??

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I believe this has been fixed. I'm calling the endpoint with both multiple platform filters like "platform:146|94|145|139|117|157|96|121|123", but also with a single platform "platform:146" without any issues.