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I am new here and was checking our GB's API (tbh I didnt even knew what GB was and such a site existed as I always used gamefaqs or ign).

I really liked the game api and such a organised database GB is for games, I was testing the API to check it out and so far I was only able to test /game and /search API

I wanted to know is there a way to see user_review or user_reviews for a specific games ?


Game- http://www.giantbomb.com/dragon-ball-z-burst-limit/3030-20500/

I was able to query and see its details in /game API


It do has a review parameter but its most likely the main review by GB staff

I wanted to see the User Reviews part from the site in API so I thought it might be like this


But was unable to fetch the list of user reviews for that game title by any variations and diff options in API I tried

We cant fetch user reviews using /search aswell

Can anyone guide me how one can fetch the list of user reviews for a particular game (using its name or id perhaps) ?

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@shubhank008: According to the documentation you should use user_reviews/?filter=object:3030-20457. However, there appears to be a bug and no results are ever returned when you do this.

@frobie: Can you take a look at this?

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Yeah thought so, I actually used game but got no results


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@shubhank008 The way to get the users reviews is a bit convoluted. Users reviews are not done on the game level but at the release or dlc level. You'll have to query for the game to get its releases, do a little parsing and use the result to make the query for user reviews.


To get the user reviews for Medal of Honor: Heroes:

Get releases for game: http://www.giantbomb.com/api/game/3030-5484/?api_key=[API KEY]&field_list=releases&format=json

Parse out the guid from the api detail url to get the user reviews of the release: http://www.giantbomb.com/api/user_reviews/?api_key=[API KEY]&format=json&filter=object:3050-13994

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Ah I see, so in short I can just grab the first result from game api for a particular release and then from it I can browse towards user_reviews for that game release using the gid I got from previous parse/search

I got it theoretically, will try it practically :D