Request: Better GB TV API

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It would be great if the API had better support for adding the GiantBomb TV steam to apps.

I realize you can get some info about the current stream from the /chats endpoint, but right now the only useful information is the channel_name value. This is fine if you know for sure that it's going to be either a Twitch channel name or the ID of a YouTube video, but there's no way to be sure which one it is (or if it's for some other streaming service).

GB devs - could you add another key:value pair to the chats response that indicates which platform GB TV is running on, or add a dedicated GB TV API endpoint that has this information?


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I'd really love to be able to get robust information from a GB Infinite endpoint. Info on the current video, upcoming video, time until the next poll, and time until the next video would all be great to have. I understand the developers have their hands full with the site redesign, but hopefully we can get some good API support for Infinite sometime down the road.

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@alecgdouglas: @calvinball:Sorry guys I'm finally getting around to this. I'll be adding the player type to the API. As far as the time until next poll and time to next video that will be a bit tougher since we don't actually track that information on the server we only track it on the actual encoder PC. I'll look into adding some other information endpoints though

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Thanks, wcarle! The #1 thing I personally want is the ID of the currently playing video. The time stuff would be nice, but definitely not as important.

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It looks like our prayers have been answered! The /chats endpoint now has a player field that specifies what kind of player is used, and it also has a history field with a list of the current and recently played videos on GB Infinite! Thanks, @wcarle