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It would be great if the API had better support for adding the GiantBomb TV steam to apps.

I realize you can get some info about the current stream from the /chats endpoint, but right now the only useful information is the channel_name value. This is fine if you know for sure that it's going to be either a Twitch channel name or the ID of a YouTube video, but there's no way to be sure which one it is (or if it's for some other streaming service).

GB devs - could you add another key:value pair to the chats response that indicates which platform GB TV is running on, or add a dedicated GB TV API endpoint that has this information?


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I'd really love to be able to get robust information from a GB Infinite endpoint. Info on the current video, upcoming video, time until the next poll, and time until the next video would all be great to have. I understand the developers have their hands full with the site redesign, but hopefully we can get some good API support for Infinite sometime down the road.

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