Upcoming games countdown/ Game media tracker using GiantBomb API

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I just wanted to post a web app I developed using the GiantBomb API. I started it back in college as part of a project for my computer science degree when learning web development. Now I am a professional web developer and I'm slowly updating it to be more, well, professional :P.

Anyways it basically allows you to track video games (see media/news) and see countdown timers on games that are not yet out that you add to your "tracked games". In the future, I will add the capability to link your steam account and see your steam friend's tracked games (I had this but took it out since I started refactoring some of the code).

Take a look and feel free to report any issues on GitHub or suggest anything. I will be updating the UX/ messy back-end code now that my skills have significantly improved since I first wrote it.