video_show field is null for some videos that are categorized correctly on the website

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Happened to notice that the video_show field is null on a few episodes of established series while trying to filter the videos endpoint using the video_show filter along with an id, and having some conspicuous absences within a few shows.

When I went and looked up the missing videos directly using their IDs, I noticed that with both Part 2 and Part 3 of Def Jam Fight for NY (Gaiden the Ring), and episodes 1 and 3 of Shadow at the Water's Edge (Clue Crew), are returning null values for video_show in the API even though both episodes appear to be categorized properly in regular website navigation.

As a sanity check, I went and checked the Apple TV app to ensure it wasn't something I specifically was doing wrong, and can confirm that when I'm filtering by show there, these specific episodes are missing from there as well.

Affected IDs (that I noticed):

  • 15150
  • 15174
  • 15220
  • 15239