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Hey there good folk at Giantbomb, I've skimmed the AC4 threads but couldn't find a thread regarding UPlay friends for PC players.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in being UPlay friends for the social benefits in-game.
I've noticed the best source of income would be the social Treasure Fleets, as long as they are high in numbers (lots of friends discovering these for each other) you can rake in 10k a pop. And they die REAL easy.

For a completionist like myself, money is very hard to come by so all friends are welcome on UPlay! You can search for NoxiousNL on UPlay and add me. [I think that's how UPlay works, haven't messed with it a whole lot...]

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I'm in man! I'm deep in AC4 on PC right now and could use a friendo.

My name is Jered2010

because Uplay is a pain in the ass :p

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I'm on wii u but I'd like to try if I add some u play friends if it's universal I'll go look up my name and repost it

Garris256 is my uplay name hopefully this is cross platform

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Wouldn't mind seeing how much faster the fleet missions are with friends.

uPlay name's Nekromantix87

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Sure, I'll bite seeing as I have AC4 on PC.

uplay name is shinboy

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me too

uplay name is vv92272

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Sure, I'm Chiablo.

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Sure why not, my uplay friends list is practically empty.

Username: bhk100

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#10 Posted by bombedyermom (430 posts) -



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I'm from Europe (Portugal) but you can count me in: BakumatsuX.

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Friends with benefits?

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uplay is nsarabin, send those requests.

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I'm interested also! But more to have friends for the wolfpack multiplayer mode. Uplay name is: newhaap

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I'm bbalpert on UPlay.

Edit: Just sent invites to all of you (unless I missed anyone, in which case send me an invite or whatever)

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I added everyone here if I missed you add me, I'm excited for community events :)

GT: Poakeyes

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That's a really good idea.
uplay is Mefizz.

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this worked great, 4 white whales and 3 royal convoys in half an hour

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@bombedyermom: That's weird I'm getting nothing at all.

Edit: apparently social events are being super buggy and a lot of people are not getting them at all.

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Add me as well.

Uplay: Dammokles

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Uplay werupenstein

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I've just started another play through so feel free to add me, Uplay name is ha_fa

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I'm down duders.

Uplay: fetchfox

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I'm lozgreen666 on uplay - whereabouts do you help each other? Not see anything pop up yet

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Got this for $45 through greenmangaming and it's almost done downloading. I'll everyone that has posted so far and has said that they're on PC

Afroman269 (PC)

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Just brought down my first white whale, think those locations share. I'll start adding from the bottom i guess.

UPlay ID: KCDCzzz

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thank you all who accepted my friend request.

uplay id : zupahwez0e

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I'm also in.

UPlay ID: Meatsneeze

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Added all of you! Will pick up AC4 this weekend, hopefully during a Steam sale.

My ID is Cincaid if anyone wants to add me as well.

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Just sent out Uplay requests to you.

My ID is InUmbrisNox. Feel free to add me!


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Everyone's on my list add me too :D My ID devildesperado

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Uplay: Begleyk

playing 24-7 :)

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Adding you all, Jumbso

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I'm Rudiggerdigger on Uplay.

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SAPuddles. Hit me up, I'll play with your boats, you play with mine!

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Can I join in on this even though I'm playing on a console?

Uplay: BaillieBoy

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@baillie: I believe it's console specific, but you should be able to find a similar thread for your console pretty easily.

So other than getting a fire barrel for each "speed ally", is there any other benefit to this? I haven't seemed to notice friends' fleet ships manifesting in my main game like I thought they would.

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Hey guys, I added a couple of you here hope you don't mind. Feel free to add me as well : Violins77

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i've added some of you guys too, feel free to add me aswell :) : Novaxthius

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This sounds good to me... Add me up I'll add others ASAP. Username: Endoworks

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Signed up here for this. I've hopefully added all of you. Same nick on Uplay as here: airikr

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Great idea sign me up.

Uplay: shergyok

All added :)

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Awesome idea! Mine is crux13

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Yes please!

Uplay: badboynick (I hate my name)

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#47 Posted by Theonar (2 posts) -

Uplay: Theonar

Please add me - I'll try adding those others in here. Hate Uplay btw.. great, a social gaming network that nobody uses unless forced too. That'll work out great. /sarcasm.

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Uplay: ro6JIuH

Add me, but don't bother me without reason. Still free to ask me a questions.

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I've gone through and added everyone now. My Uplay list is rather large all the sudden....

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Uplay ID : arzemuth