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#51 Posted by Purplie (42 posts) -

Great Idea:)

uplay ID: purplie

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#52 Edited by Sir_Eric (2 posts) -

Good Idea.

Edit: I can't add any more people, I'm sorry. All the social events get buggy with more than 29 people in the list...

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#53 Posted by BBAlpert (2636 posts) -

I really wish Kenway's Fleet had a "speed up all friends" button. Going through one ship at a time can be kind of a hassle.

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#54 Posted by avantegardener (2031 posts) -

I'm in!

Uplay id(surprise surprise) : avantegardener

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So glad I found this thread - only learned about the White Whale and Community Chests tonight. Added most of you, for those I didn't, you can add me via UPlay: ChrisEnigmatic

Looking forward to spotting chests, whales, fleets, and maybe even a game of Wolfpack or two (if anyone is up for it).

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Having this many friends breaks the fleet minigame in interesting ways... I have hundreds of fire barrels... WHY CAN'T I HOLD ALL THESE FIRE BARRELS???

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#58 Posted by lozgreen666 (3 posts) -

If you wish to use the companion app for Andriod /Apple it seems to break above 45ish friends in the list...

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#59 Posted by mmzOne (299 posts) -

Seeing how I just started to play this thing, I added all of you. Yay friends for everyone.

Uplay: mmzone

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#60 Posted by groundbeef (116 posts) -

If you wish to use the companion app for Andriod /Apple it seems to break above 45ish friends in the list...

I don't use the app, but this may also explain why in-game everyone now just shows as "friend's ship" instead of their user names, which worked properly when I first started adding people.

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I could use some friends thanks!


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#62 Posted by UncleDisco (873 posts) -

I'm on board this as well.
Uplay: Gnubberen

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I'm in... add me :) added most of you guys too

I'm drsabel

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Arrrrr! Let's plunder... add me : Shashki-

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#65 Posted by Ney86 (2 posts) -

Sign me up. I've added all of you. My Uplay ID: Ney86

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#66 Posted by geralt5511 (2 posts) -

Add me if u want :)

ID: Kezath

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#67 Posted by Belevorn (2 posts) -

I was looking for some people to add to my Uplay account and found this!

My Uplay name is: Belevorn

Add me if you wish! (I'm adding everyone in this post btw :P)

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#68 Posted by S0est (2 posts) -

Uplay: S0estinight

Thank you all who add me or accept my request. Mostly single player and the fleet actions are what I aim for.

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Count me in definitely!

Username: mrk252

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Sounds good! uplay: ropsu

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#71 Edited by GaspoweR (4860 posts) -

Since we're all Uplay Friends now...I expect that we'll have some great WeDare parties.

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#72 Edited by BetaDave1877 (3 posts) -

UplayID: Dangerdave1877

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#73 Posted by Konig2540 (94 posts) -

Hey all, UplayID: Major_Konig007 (I want to change it so bad.. damn you Uplay). I need to get some community challenges done!

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#74 Posted by snoz0r (2 posts) -

added almost everyone, please add me!

uplayid: bmuston


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#75 Posted by smlover (2 posts) -

UplayID: smlover

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#76 Edited by Hermann10647 (2 posts) -

This is great! Uplay: Hermann10647

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#77 Posted by platinumyan (2 posts) -

I'm Down. I'm constantly online and love speeding up friends ships.

Account: Platinumyan

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#78 Posted by dstein_909 (13 posts) -

A bit late, but my id is BlazingToast

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#79 Posted by SongWriter1987 (153 posts) -


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#80 Posted by BlackburnJA (2 posts) -

cass85x : Girlfriend stole my PS3 ID, next she will be after the house :p

Have added all, thanks to those who accept

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#82 Edited by kyelandra (2 posts) -

glad i found this

think i added all of you

feel free to add kyelandra if i missed any or new ones :)

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#83 Posted by MrToasty (4 posts) -

Add me for Whale/ Convoy/ Chest Sharing!! I'm adding a ton of people so share and be shared :D

Uplay: Jfreeze123

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#84 Posted by egg327 (2 posts) -

hopefully you guys are still doing this
Name is egg327

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#85 Posted by chrisgooverthere (2 posts) -

I'm in.

Uplay SN is "chrisgooverther"

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#86 Edited by colony13th (2 posts) -

Need help with finding Social chest.

UplayID : colony13th

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#89 Posted by MC_Hify (384 posts) -

Uplay ID: runcrash

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#91 Posted by avantegardener (2031 posts) -

Serious uPlay posse now, thanks for all the adds.

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#92 Posted by Savior82 (40 posts) -

Uplay ID: SaviorB2

Got like 40 hours of gameplay behind and still not a single Social Chest. :(

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#93 Edited by ElCount (87 posts) -

I just got it and I'm looking forward to trying it out this weekend.

Adding people like a madman.

Uplay ID: CountTheMoney

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#94 Edited by kelsiersoh (2 posts) -

Uplay ID: kelsiersoh

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uplay ID: Crackopoff

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#96 Posted by vietballer01 (2 posts) -

uplay ID: vietballer01
im on often

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#97 Posted by Aximand24 (2 posts) -

Aximand24 on Uplay. Thanks in advance for all of those that accept.

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#98 Posted by banzai123_230 (2 posts) -

uplay ID: banzai123_230

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Sicckkk been looking for something like this for a while (y)


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#100 Posted by afabs515 (1903 posts) -

Uplay: afabs515

I've always wanted friends with benefits! Hopefully, now I'll see what's so great about it.