Ubisoft is giving away AC4 for free from December 11th to 18th

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Starting December 11th, Ubisoft is giving away Assassin's Creed 4 until December 18th. It's for PC only so you're going to need a uplay account. You can also download World in Conflict right now until December 11th. Here's the link for that: World in Conflict ubisoft page.


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Really burying the lead here. World in Conflict might actually be a better game than Black Flag.

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It's a great game. Will definitely grab a copy on PC.

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Thanks for the notice! Got it as soon as I figured out that the site hates when you block 3rd party cookies..

AC4 is the best AC game in that generation of games, the last one that came out for PS3 and 360. Last hurrah of that engine.

Haven't tried WIC since the demo was new, gonna give it a try again.

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World in Conflict was one of the reasons I bought my gaming PC back in the day. Also it'll be nice to have Black Flag and not have to dig out the disc to play it on my PS4 every time. I'll need to set a reminder in my phone otherwise I'll never remember.

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Well, guess I'll have to sign into one of those things that isn't Steam.

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World in Conflict was a great game.

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For free? They'd have to pay me to take a copy.

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World in Conflict is a under-rated classic. Amazing game. Thanks for the heads up!

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Every finger's a fishhook!