Is this game worth getting if there's nothing else to play?

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Poll: Is this game worth getting if there's nothing else to play? (133 votes)

Sure, why not!? 45%
Nope, better to just find something else I say. 25%
I don't know. 30%

I'm a fan of Assassin's Creed, but I had very little interest in Rogue, and the AC games have been on and off, hit and miss kind of games as of the most recent. For me (though I am not the biggest fan of the first AC, where I think it's fair, nothing more and nothing less overall), starting with Assassin's Creed 3, I felt it was a mediocre, bordering on being a poor game. Black Flag was superb to me, although contrary to popular opinion, I appreciated the minimal additions and improvements to the on-foot gameplay, minus the overly simplistic combat system, and was actually not a fan of the ship stuff. Unity was a mixed bag, but overall mediocre as well in my opinion. Syndicate, not being as good as Black flag to me, so not nearly as good as the Ezio trilogy either, I still liked. That's my feeling on the games. Right now I feel I can give some time to a game I may have not otherwise played, be it Rogue or another game, but since I see it's backward compatible on the 360 I am a little more interested. Can anyone recommend it? What did you think of it, or did you even play it? At the time of its release, I didn't want to play two AC games in one year, and I also didn't want to buy last-gen games on older hardware anymore. How is the plot, the characters, the gameplay, the sound design, the atmosphere/environments and what have you? Was it better than Unity which came out the same year?

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It is amongst the most generic AC games... but... if you really like them, it's not broken... so... sure?

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In my opinion It's even more boring than ACIII, but there's still sailing, so it's not all bad. I remember it feeling very desolate, like an icy purgatory. Overall, I'd say: find something better.

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If it's dirt cheap, why not? I haven't played this, but from what I've heard it's actually better than a lot of people make it out to be.

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I played it recently while I was jacked up on painkillers after surgery for a week or so. Even got all of the trophies. It's hard to go back to, the modern day writing made me want to die, and it's quite ugly. Though once your eyes get used to the graphics it was fun enough. If you have played Black Flag recently it could be a harder sell because the two are very similar.

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Related question: Do I own this game? Was it in the AC Humble Bundle?

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Too many good games have been released this year

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I think the first choice should be "hell yeah!" instead of "why not?", which probably says a lot about my opinion. :-P

I really liked Assassin's Creed: Rogue. Then again, I've played all of them except the 2D Russian one and the PSP Altair game. It came out the same year as Assassin's Creed: Unity and was, ironically, the far better game of the two. While Unity was buggy and half-broken, Rogue was stable and polished. While Unity had a borked parry system and a problematic framerate that made the parry system even worse, Rogue had the refined combat from Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag and a really rock solid framerate. I could go on.

In fact, I will. Hehe. It also has a lot more mission variety than Unity, better writing, arguably better voice acting (it didn't give a bunch of French characters English accents because reasons), and provided a really nice send off for the "American Trilogy" of Assassin's Creed games. It ties up all the loose ends while very much de-emphasizing the future shtick. Yeah, you still wander around the Abstergo game division office (the same one from Black Flag, immediately following the ending of that game) from time to time, but it's not nearly as intrusive as in Black Flag.

On the other hand, I'll admit it: it's an Ubisoft open world game. There are towers, the lion's share of the 30 to 40 hours of content is side quests, and it very much is Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag in a new setting. If you just played Black Flag and Freedom Cry recently, you'll probably be on Assassin's Creed overload. If not... it's really good. If you can get it cheap, go for it.

Also, I think it was part of the Humble Bundle if you paid enough. You very well might already have it. If so, enjoy. Oh, and get the final mission. It takes a little extra legwork to "sync it up," but it's a real mind-bender... especially if you've played the start of Assassin's Creed: Unity. That's all I'll say on that subject.

Edit addition: oh, and it takes place in the American colonies between Assassin's Creed: Black Flag and Assassin's Creed 3. I still think that was a brilliant move. It's not often that I see an ending "in medias res," as it were, and Rogue actually sticks the landing. You know how everything ends for the peeps from Black Flag, you understand quite well why things are the way they are at the start of Assassin's Creed 3, and then you segue to the set-up for Unity (again, it's a mind-bender). I wish more trilogies tried this, though who knows how well they'd do at it.

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If you liked Black flag and want a new setting with similar ship, world, and island mechanics...this is the game for you. Actually solidly made game and takes things in an interesting direction with your character being a templar.

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@blackout62: You might? I didn't buy these games through a humble bundle. I played them when they released.

@justin258: Well, that's why I ask because I've played all the games I've wanted to play this year so far and had my fill of them for right now (except for Zelda, which I'm waiting to get a Switch for). You might ask 'what about Persona 5?" It's not something I am into. I mean, I don't dislike it, but I haven't played any of the Persona games, but my brother has and he's the one playing it (so I will sometimes glance at it if he's playing it). It's just not my thing since I haven't played any of the previous Persona games.

@lazyimperial: @mchampton: Not sure if you're just speaking in general, or to me specifically, but in case it was to me specifically, no I played all the Assassin's Creed game on their release (or around it), so it's been a while since I've played even Syndicate.

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@ntm: Totally speaking to you, my friend, and good. If it's been a while, then you won't have as much of the "I know these mechanics like the back of my hand... yawn" to potentially worry about. :-P

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@lazyimperial: Well, I didn't necessarily forget how to play them and what the experience was like. I remember them well. I just came back on to look into it more. I'm really curious.

Edit - Oh, and while I remember what happens in the beginning of Unity, I don't remember who is in it if that at all matters. Also, was it templars or assassin's in the beginning? I don't remember certain details about that.

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There seem to be a ton of great games out, whether you have a PC, or ps4 (heck, persona 5 is even on ps3). So, I don't think you need to settle for a mediocre-ass AC game unless you have exhausted your options.

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is there really nothing else to play?

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I'm not sure I even knew this was a game really.

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I like rogue. It's better then Unity and AC3.

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Rogue is great, one of my favorite AC games. I liked the story more than Black Flag and loved the setting.

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I played this less than a year ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's basically another Black Flag set further up north. Instead of hunting great whites in the Caribbean, you are hunting narwhals in the Arctic! The ship combat is great and the initial premise of you betraying the assassins is interesting to see play out. There are characters that come back from both Assassin's Creed 3 and Black Flag which was cool to see as you are a Templar now. It's a unique twist on the series. The main protagonist was criticized for having a bad Irish accent, but as an American, it didn't bother me much. On PC, sailing on the sea is beautiful especially when the sun sets., their sea tech is something else. They nail the North Atlantic better than AC3 imo and you see new environments like the northern lights in the arctic so atmosphere/environments are good. I would recommend it, especially if you are getting an itch for more video game sailing. I had that itch last year, and Rogue definitely scratched it.

I think a lot of people ITT are being dismissive of the game because it was made by the B team the same year when the A team put out AC Unity. This is by far the better of the two and around the same level of quality as Black Flag. Also I should warn you I had some video card issues and had to download/install an older nvidia driver cause black flag was glitching out on my PC. However the hassle was well worth the extra horsepower the PC brought to the visual quality especially when sailing. You should see how it runs on 360. Now that I think about it, I enjoyed it more than Syndicate, in large part due to the sailing. Since you're not a fan of the ship stuff, I am less sure about recommending it to you. See if what I said in the first paragraph is interesting to you, I think I answered most of your questions.

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I've heard AC: Rogue isn't terrible, but isn't there anything else in your backlog that would be a higher priority? I'd probably even replay an old favorite or something before I put time into playing the Direct-to-DVD sequel to Black Flag... though, to be fair, at this point I'd rather play a lot of things than another game using the "Ubisoft Template."

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I think there are better games in the series to play but I enjoyed my time with it quite a bit. I don't think they go far enough with Shae and his motivations but they do a decent job of setting up Unity. They also do a decent job of blurring the lines between the Templar and the Assassin's.

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Rogue is a pretty good game, has everything from Black Flag except the cool protagonist/story; but the historical period is still mildly interesting; uses some cool mechanics from the multiplayer in the gameplay.

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@arbitrarywater: Nope, I don't have much of a backlog; I play the games I'm interested in all the way through, anything that is in my backlog are games that I played and didn't finish because I didn't like them well enough.


Well, I got it. I've only put a couple hours into it last night since I got tired and went to bed, but so far I am actually liking it quite a bit. It's basically what I want from an AC game right now. Though things can change, I'm honestly liking it more than Syndicate right now. It's way better than Unity and three so far. It is very much like four, but takes three's setting more or less (and yet is still better in that respect than three). The music is really good, and the gameplay is like four which is good. I like how it's connecting to the other Assassin's Creed games. My biggest and main issue is honestly just that Ubisoft didn't release it on current-gen consoles. It looks fine and runs pretty well on backward compatible, jumping from 30fps to mid 40's I think, but it doesn't feel unsteady. It's so much like four, though that it just seems wrong that it wasn't put on current-gen.

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@ntm: Glad to hear you're having fun. Hurrah! :-)

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I really enjoyed that game, they take some time to flesh out the Templar side of the huge sci-fi meta-plot that series has, and makes it feel more whole again. Also a lot of small tweaks to the ship combat mechanics and that entire part of the game help keep it from getting stale.

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"Is this game worth getting if there's nothing else to play?"


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Stop with the nonsense that people thought Black Flag wasn't a amazing game, it was. Reviewers years after compared the next AC iterations to Black Flag. For many it is the greatest Assassins Creed, even better than the second one.

Its was good game. I suggest it. And since Rogue is more of the same, I would suggest it also.

Play Rogue. Its not a long game, if it does not "tick" with ya, then tough luck. I think it is almost as great as Black Flag as been.

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@jeffrud: The game actually runs really well on the Xbox One! The game can still let me down in more ways than one, but so far I'm liking it a lot.

@dray2k: I am playing Rogue. It's great so far, I just wish it was on current-gen. I'm disappointed they didn't opt to make this the current-gen game, and Unity the last (or at least put it on current one way or another), because it left most people with an inferior game, in my opinion, at least that's how I am seeing it right now. I have the feeling more people played Unity than Rogue, and it's unfortunate.

@frostyryan: As already said, there is nothing to play for me. I've played everything I've wanted to play this year so far, so this is why I asked. I was in the 'there's nothing new that needs my attention, what older games can I buy to pass the time until I play something new' mode. Rogue was a good choice I'm finding.


It's funny how the berserk darts work in this one. I don't remember Black Flag or any of the past ones allowing the guards to kill everyone, even innocents. It's a freaking massacre.

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Finished it. I thought it was really good. I probably won't spend the time to unlock everything and see all the different locations, but I spent a good amount of time in the game; nearly 20 hours I think. As I've said before, Unity and three are my least favorite Assassin's Creed games, but other than four, those are the ones this connects to most, and I actually really enjoyed how they all connected. The end being the beginning of Unity was a nice touch! I honestly think it's better if you play this after Unity. I didn't mind the ship parts in this game that much, so maybe my feelings have changed on it a bit, though I still don't find it to be the most appealing part of this and four.

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It's Black Flag 1.5, go nuts.

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AC sucks, all of them have major issues.

There is no way you have nothing to play, there are so many better games out there.

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@dray2k said:

Stop with the nonsense that people thought Black Flag wasn't a amazing game, it was. Reviewers years after compared the next AC iterations to Black Flag. For many it is the greatest Assassins Creed, even better than the second one.

It was the first one I played, I loved the ship stuff, exploration of islands, and pirate backdrop. Unfortunately, none of the other games are pirate games.

I don't like Assassin's Creed games, it turns out.

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All I remember from Rogue is that the guys Irish accent was terrible.

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There are SO MANY GAMES! Some would say that this is the best time to be playing video games. I wouldn't waste my time with something I'm only half interested in when my to play pile is so backed up.