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Quick! What song popped into your head?

I saw this tweet earlier and the FFVI battle theme was what immediately started playing in my brain. Thinking back on it, it was my first major JRPG experience after playing Dragon Warrior (Quest) on the NES. My memory is garbage but I probably saw it first in Nintendo Power and begged my parents to get it for my birthday which undoubtedly turned into the carrot on the stick to get me to put some effort into school.

Come to think of it, it might be the only mainline Final Fantasy game I've beaten twice through. But it's not my favorite FF game, and it's not my favorite FF theme, and it might not even be the FF I spent the most time playing, so why is it the one that my brain summoned up? Is it because it's from my middle-school years, some of the most critically formative years of my life? Or is it because it's much quicker to start playing midi songs in my brain than to conjure up a symphonic orchestra to recall the FFXIII battle theme?

Well now I can't stop thinking about it so I'm making my problem your problem too. What's the music that's playing in your head right now, and what put it there?

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In terms of JRPG battle themes, the Blue Dragon boss music is the pinnacle.

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You and I think alike, sir.

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Lufia 2's music has been getting stuck in my head for over a decade now. It just finds a way of working its way into my brain every now and then...

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@starvinggamer: Guile's music is still in my head, sorry. VI and VII are the easiest to remember; I'm assuming you're not asking what's the best just what randomly pops into your head. Trisection is a good one for said randomness and a Tactics fanboy like yourself should be ashamed. Embed not working yay. Insert Jidoor music embed here, two theoretically working embeds for the price of one! Also Zozo.

Fuck guess its time for another x40 speed emulated FFVI run, thanks for killing like 5 hours of my time, gotta grind Celes to 99 on Brachiasaurs and all that shit.

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Conflict's Chime, Bravely Default.

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@fredchuckdave: In my mind FFT is in a category all of its own. It's simply not in the jrpg drawer of my brain.

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A bunny appears!

A stuffed animal appears!

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I know there's not a lot of love for FFX in this community but what the hell.

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P3 & 4 has good music but it's more funky then dramatic.

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Mejuro's pretty great, who knew?!

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@boozak: Hell yeah. FFX is my favourite game of all time (and most-played, so I immediately jump to it first). I think Enemy Attack suits the picture better though. It's my automatic-go-to for a stand-off song.

I jump around with songs songs, I imagine them trios occurring at developing parts into a fight. My then transitions part-way through into in Unfinished Battle from Xenoblade Chronicles. Finally, it took me a while to figure out what the song that was playing was, but I've figured out it was Battle! (Lorekeeper Zinnia) from Pokémon Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby. I've had this song stuck in my head for months - something about it is just an amazing blend of a triumphant fight and a blow-for-blow battle.

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I just came over from reading ZombiePie's write-up on his continued descent into madness/self-harm so the FF7 music inevitably came up.

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I don't even really think this is my favourite battle music, but it is pretty darn good.

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This one:

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I actually blanked entirely from information overload. Played too many of these freaking things. CHRONO CROSS MUSIC IS DOPE THOUGH SO THIS WAS PROBABLY IT.

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I have no idea why... but:

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Oh, this one for sure:

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The most overlooked awesome boss battle music from FF.

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I immediately thought of my favorite battle theme from a JRPG. Think the title of it is 'Silver Will' from one of the Trails in the Sky's game.

A more classic/older one that came to mind for me is Jenova Absolute from FFVII. Just sounds very menacing.

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Final Fantasy IX battle theme for me, and that's also the first real JPRG I played so I guess it's just burned into my brain. It was so wierd when I played Final Fantasy VI years later and the battle theme had the same opening - I guess I got the reference the wrong way round.

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The latest theme I can think of that stuck in my head for a while was when I waited inside a Primal fight for 45 min to finally fill the last slot and then killing the boss no wipe ^^


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FF4, of course.

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The first two that popped into my head are the Melfice battle theme from Grandia II and the game's final boss theme. (I'll embed the final boss theme, since that song is cooler)

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What else but Persona 4?

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Edit: That said, the Valkyrie Profile, FF4-6, and Chrono Trigger music are good too for this

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For some reason.

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Allow me to date myself a bit.

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@joystick_hero: Dragon Warrior's is a close second for NES battle themes.

@villainy: FF4 is the definitive answer for me despite FF6 being my fav.

@atwa:Makes me almost want to get a DS to play that.

I think Wild Arm's battle theme is underappreciated.

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I immediately thought of one of the FF themes (PS1 era I think), but forgot which one it was exactly when I went through youtube looking for it.

So this isn't my first choice, and I've barely played this game, but Lost Odyssey's battle theme should get more love than it does, especially if we're talking "dramatic" :P

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My immediate thought was

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...which is weird, seeing as I've never played FF7 (nor have any real strong desire to). My second thought was

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My brain went to Chrono Trigger.

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Nothing comes to mind immediately but after thinking about it for a while these are the candidates that I would put forth:

Regular ass encounter:

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Dramatic battle:

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For end boss appeal:

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