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I really just wanted to create a thread in appreciation of the amazing music that plays during Battleblock Theater's Secret Levels, it had me giggling like a fool. Really digging the game's sense of humour. The rest of the game's music is also pretty damn good.

Here it is, I do think it's best off experienced in the game for the first time when you stumble upon a secret level, though.

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That is pretty great, will definitely be checking this game out once it hits steam.

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That's really dumb. 10/10.

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Wow this is now my jam

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I really wish this game was not what it is. I want to love it so much.

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No words to describe how amazing that is.

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Holy shit dude that's amazing XD

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Special mention also has to go to the post-credits music (mild spoilers, if you're invested in the story). It is equally glorious.

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You and I have very different definitions of 'incredible.'

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I love Stamper. Shame i won't be able to play this for a while. Going to take at least a year until it is on PC.

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Finally evidence that videogames are art.

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I love the message in that song. When he says "bock bock bock bock BOCK bock bock BOCK BOCK bock," that shit gave me goosebumps. So goddamn powerful.

Just give it all the Grammys now.

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Okay I get it, I'll buy Battleblock Theater.

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Tears. I was in tears. Just sat there with the game paused. So damn funny.

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Cosby really did a great job with this.

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This game is definitely up there for soundtrack and narrator of the year.

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Man, the presentation in this game is OUTSTANDING. If only the gameplay didn't seem so all over the place.

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If you told me Buckle Your Pants was a cover of an Aquabats song I'd believe you without question.

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Bill Cosby Bukowski's music career is really taking off.

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Okay I get it, I'll buy Battleblock Theater.

It really is a shame it seems like most people aren't, I think it's actually a really good platformer.

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My appreciation for that song definitely grew the more I listened to it.