Is Battlefield 2 the best BF game ever?

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To me it is I feel the game has perfect balance it wasn't to arcadey or to simulation it was some where in the middle with a good learning curve that felt rewarding. When you ranked up and got a weapon unlock it felt like you earned it though hard work with teammates.Also most of the maps where so well designed that they remade some of them in BF3 and BF4 so you know that they hold a special place in the series not only for fans but the devs that created them. I know people love BFBC2 it was a great game but I feel the people that think it's the best only played BFBC2 and never played BF2 when it came out so they never experience the the game at a high player peak ect. So do you guys think BF2 is the best and if not what's your fav game from the series and why? but now I bring you nostalgia.

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BF2 for realistic squad gameplay. Bad Company 2 for dicking around with friends and c4 hijinks.

Love both equally.

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Bad Company 2 will never be the best because the Helos were so OP when you learned to circle strafe with them lol now.. BF3. That's a hell of a game.

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I have fond memories of BF2 because it truly got me into the series. I dabbled in the BF1942 demo but it didn't hook me like a lot of people. I actually played more Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for Xbox than the PC version. My computer wasn't up to snuff when BF2 came out, but my roommate in college had a nice PC and he picked up BF2 right when it came out for PC. We would switch off playing and watching over the other's shoulder, but really it was his game so I was mostly watching!

Our neighbors would come over almost every night after work and we would pass the sticks around the room with modern combat on the Xbox. When the 360 came out, I remember BF2: Modern Combat was one of the few backwards compatible games and probably sold me on buying the 360 as soon as I did. There are these 2 desert maps from BF2:MC that I miss a lot, but DICE doesn't seem interested in remaking them for BF3 or 4. They were never in the PC version of BF2, and they were called "Deadly Pass" and "Backstab." They were kindof smaller maps, so I don't know if we will ever see their like again.

The thing I'll always remember was the commander mode in BF2. You could do it in the PC version but not in the console version. At the time, I was blown away with the satellite view and how you could see all the soldiers running around like little ants and give them supply drops or UAV support. I couldn't tell you exactly why, maybe just rose tinted glasses, but I didn't think they had as good of a commander mode in BF4. I don't think you could ever zoom in and see a real time satellite feed, the commander mode was just reduced to a map view so they could put it on tablets.

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BF2 was pretty good. It was the transitional game for my group of friends from playing 1942 at a LAN center, to finally having internet capable of online multiplayer. But that was also why it had it's biggest problem: the server browser/joining games was really terrible. Who else remembers 'Unloading'? One of my friends had such trouble getting in and staying in the same games as the rest that he almost never ended up playing.

For me, 2142 was actually the best. Everything worked slightly better than BF2 and it had weapons that were mostly balanced but felt actually different, along with the interesting options for equipment and the squad mechanics.

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@zeg: I think the mechanics in 2142 are better, but the BF2 has the best maps in the series.

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No, Bad Company 2 is.

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I believe you forgot a 1, 9, and a 4

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Battlefield 2 is my favourite for sure. Bad Company 2 had some good shit too though.

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No. The netcode and infantry combat are garbage, so it's only kinda alright if you're in a vehicle. The Forgotten Hope 2 mod is cool though. I've had more fun with BF1942 and BC2, although those games have some major flaws too (like all Battlefield games).

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Before all the bunny hopping it was great but after no. Bad Company 2 is best.

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Yes, yes it was. BF2142 was great as well, but BF2 did so much that nothing else was doing, including things the new BF games don't do right.

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I loved Battlefield 2142 so much (sooo many knife fights!), but oddly could never get into BF2. Never played any of the Bad Company games even though I have one I got for free on my Origin account. Battlefield 3 was cool, but I got into it a little late and shortly after I bought Battlefield Premium for like $40 there was some weird bug that would crash the game every few minutes due to a graphics issue (bad coding on their end, not me) which really pissed me off. Haven't touched a Battlefield game since then. I was going to get into BF4 at launch, but that's when all of those crazy issues happened and its so late by now that it's probably not even worth it. I guess I'll wait for Battlefield 5 or whatever the next full game is.

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I played everthing from BF2-BF4. I think the most memorable BF experiences I had in BFBC2. Especially in the Vietnam expansion.

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Bad Company 2 did the shooting and the chaos perfectly.

BF2's gunplay was all dice rolls and BS. Did not enjoy that bit.

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BF2's maps probably were the best, but the unlock system made it a chore to play, as basic class abilities were gated by leveling, severely inhibiting new players unless you played on unranked servers, which usually then didn't have the fascinating story mode (where who won determined what the next map would be - something Kaos studios kept playing around with in Frontlines and Homefront after they were let go by DICE). I ended up playing more of the simplified PS2 version which didn't seem as terribly balanced in favor of veteran players, but primarily stuck with Vietnam and Codename: Eagle.

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@shaggydude: Backstab is one of my favorite maps of any game I've played.

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2142 is probably my favorite online BF game while Bad Company (1) remains my favorite single-player BF game.

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yes it is

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I gotta say Bad Company 2. Great moments happened all the time and I have a bunch of good memories.

But when we're talking large-scale battles, I honestly feel that nothing beats Warhawk. Couldn't put that game down for years.

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The only real downside of Battlefield 2 is the damn grenade spam.

Karkand was unbearable at times, though I still spent probably 500 hours on Karkand 24/7 servers.

Titan mode of 2142 was godlike though, and my favorite mode in the series.

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@warfare: ikr!? There are some terrible quality Backstab videos on youtube. I don't have any way to play BF2:MC any more so I just have to watch this guy play.

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For me the best is the one that is most playable. Right now thats BF4.

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Yes easily, it developed a lot of new ideas for the genre. Fine tuned their class system, had an incredibly satisfying interplay between commanders, squads and vehicles and it launched with a lot of maps. Not to mention the act of piloting vehicles actually required a large knowledge base and understanding of the systems to be effective.

There was a lot more to BF2 than just bum rushing flags unlike the more modern BF's.

Bad Company 2 will never be the best because the Helos were so OP when you learned to circle strafe with them lol now.. BF3. That's a hell of a game.

AT400's outmaneuver helicopters with ease in BC2 and BF3 was terrible.

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It is certainly my favorite of the series. I'd love for them to create a commander mode like 2 instead of the awful second screen experience they made for 4.

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Yes. And the Project Reality mod is the best team oriented multiplayer experience you will ever have. For real. I haven't tried Squad yet though and I imagine that is pretty good because it is made by the people who did Project Reality.

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As much as I love BF2, I haven't really had any desire to go back to playing conquest after first trying rush in BC1, so BC2 gets the win for me. BF2 isn't far behind though, I love my 64 player Karkand madness.

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I think I prefer bad Company 2... But of the mainline BF2 might be the best by quite a large margin.

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1942 all day every day.

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It's no Vietnam which definitely works in its favor.

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Armed and Dangerous 2 was really cool, the armor you wore actually had a function. Helmets could be shot off, body armor degrades when being hit a lot etc. Game was realistically paced as well.

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I played BF2 when it came out and still prefer BC2, so let's stop with that nonsense. BF2 has it fans for sure and it is definitely the deeper game, but I just had way more fun playing BC2. Thinking about this is taking me back to 2012 when people were crying that console casuals killed the Battlefield series because Dice "Bad Company-ized" BF3.

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In my heart I want to say 2142 is the best b/c Titan mode was so ridiculously awesome, But 64 player conquest on Karkand is my favorite multiplayer thing, period. BC2 go rid of a lot of the more enjoyable team aspects of BF and never managed to reach the size and scope of BF2.

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Answering this question relies on the player preferred play style. Those who like to play in games where teamwork and leadership is a key will most likely prefer BF2 or BF2142 but those who like to play easy to pick up and play shooter will most likely prefer the Bad Company series.

They are all great (beside bfbc2 post bf games) in my opinion but i really had much better times with BFBC2 mainly due to the online multiplayer which i didn't have back then.

If i had a wish then i wish that we see a sequel to BF2142 this gen... or BF2143?

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Nope, that one belongs to Bad Company 2

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No. But it is a close match. 1942 is the best.

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1942 was my favorite. But the best of the series were 1942, 2, Bad Company 2 in some order I think.

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Yes, of course.