Nightdive is remaking Blood (1997)

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It's finally happening!

Nightdive announced they are remastering the best of the Doom clones.

Blood was released in 1997 running on the Build Engine, the same game engine that powered Duke Nukem 3D. Here's why it was awesome.

  1. It had the same attention to interactivity as DN3D, although less "you can tip strippers" and more "you can play footie with zombie heads".
  2. It had the most charmingly cheesy voice acting, with the player character played impeccably by Stephan Weyte.
  3. It had some of the coolest weapons in video games to date, including a voodoo doll, dynamite sticks that disobeyed physics, and a human skull-on-a-stick that shot death from its eye sockets. And a flamethrower that was just a Zippo and a can of hairspray. And weapons had multiple firing modes.
  4. It was made by Monolith in Kirkland, Washington. Kirkland makes the best games and the best big-box warehouse stores.
  5. But greatest of all, the world objects were made with voxels.

Nightdive hasn't said when they'll be releasing the remaster, but they'll be publishing to Steam and GOG when they do.

EDIT: Too many "bests" in a row. And I forgot to mention the flamethrower...

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It's a minor remaster, but this means Night Dive untangled the Blood IP nightmare, which is hugely exciting.

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@shagge: I've played the BloodCM version, which is one guy porting the game into the eDuke32 engine. It's completely faithful, and really, the gameplay and graphics are charming as-is. But I always love to see more obscure games get some attention from their owners.

On a side note, I just learned that Infogrames bought Atari for a measly $11M. They started a founding father and ended a paltry acquisition...

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@mlarrabee: I had better luck with BloodGDX than with CM, but yeah, great ports given that the creators don't have the source code. It'll be interesting to see what happens with future fan projects now.

And holy shit, right? I always think of Infogrames as a name from the past (and Atari as, well, Atari). Then they pop up every so often to acquire something, and it blows my mind all over again.

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Nightdive's efforts to get abandoned IP back on their feet is great. Wonder if WB would be interested in letting Monolith make a Blood 3.

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It wouldn't surprise me if Monolith got sick of shooters before Mordor and don't ever want to make one again, but it would be cool to see a Blood 3 from them.

I never played these but knew they were well liked; it makes me happy I will get to play the (hopefully) best version of it.

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Blood and Claw came out the same year from the same studio? Very different games. Interesting.

Also, I hope this remake has a true 3D mode. These isometric FPSs are too hard for me to play these days. Barf city.

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"I live...again."

I recall Blood 2: The Chosen being kind of a mess. Think it required a really beefy machine at the time and there was also something really awkward about the way it controlled, kinda like Shogo. It didn't help that the level design was really boring.

First Blood was fun though, kinda like a more bloody and creepy Duke Nukem 3D, with a few amazing weapons. I also really hated those severed hands as enemies, freaked me out for some reason back then.