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If you're struggling w/the wolf beasts on the Great Bridge, there's an easy way to kill them. Run past them to the staircase on the left (kill the evil villager standing there) that leads down to a dark house, wherein reside two villagers (kill them too). The wolves will chase you down the stairs but are too big to pass through the doorway. Perfect spot to watch them try to slash you while you take your time beating them.

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These thing are really, really hard. I beat the first boss only to fight those dudes more times than it took me to beat the boss. The only reason I managed to beat them was I saw Vinny do his test stream and "cheese" his way to beating them. Only with that tactic did I managed to finish them off. Of course, then I found out that the area beyond those dudes was an area I've already been. Hah!

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Careful with this idea, some of there attacks will force them thro the doorway on occasion.

If you try to fight them also remember not to dodge backwards from there fast attacks, they attack repeatedly with high right tracking to catch you doing that. Dodge around to behind them instead, And if they start to ready up for there pounce attack that's the best time to perry them.

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Another good way to deal with them is with the Hunter's Axe. Use the 2H R2 charge attack to knock them on their asses - makes them much easier to fight and dodge around if you can get space on them and just knock them around.

Even at starter level, this trivialises them when you get good at the spacing and timing (start charging as they come towards you - frequently you can shrug off a hit during the charge and the damage from the attack will heal you for all the damage you took).