10/11/2016 Bombcast

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#1 Posted by Demonsoul (250 posts) -

Is it coming? I don't see it in the "Coming Soon" section so this makes me nervous! I need my bombcast fix for car rides to and from work this week LOL

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#2 Posted by paulmako (1958 posts) -

They would have finished recording it a couple of hours ago and Brad is probably editing it right now. Not sure when it will arrive though.

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okay thanks for confirming!

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Usual posting time lately is 4-430pm pst just before I leave work. Not many latecasts, recently. NOTHING stops the Bombcast!

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#5 Edited by AjayRaz (12901 posts) -

The part in the "coming soon" section is usually for the bombcast live stream, I think? The audio version should be up pretty soon. After all:

@tyty said:

NOTHING stops the Bombcast!

edit: Speak of the devil!

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#6 Posted by Demonsoul (250 posts) -

Sweet it is up! Thanks!

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#7 Posted by bsh0544 (16 posts) -

I still can't see it in Pocket Casts. :(

Other pocket casts users can see it, I assume?

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@bsh0544: It's not just you. I use Pocket Casts as well and it still isn't there for me.

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#9 Posted by xanadu (2046 posts) -

@bsh0544: I do not see it on the premium feed but do on the regular feed. Ive noticed support for pocketcast has been getting worse and worse.

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#10 Posted by Baillie (4711 posts) -

@xanadu: Get on overcast. I moved on from PocketCasts a couple of years ago.