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A Bombcast Waiting Room Podcast: The Scotchcast [Test]

TESTING TESTING - trying out something new. Welcome to a test episode of The Scotchcast - a Bombcast waiting room podcast. It's what it sounds like - we were bored waiting for the our next hit of bomb-crew fuelled madness and decided to record something to pass the time. Maybe you'll like it? I don't know.

For the many who wouldn't know us - half the crew of this episode are from The Lincolncast, Giant Bomb's community Guild Wars 2 podcast which has been running since May-ish. This show is more about general gaming and other things core to GB - what was off-topic there, is on-topic here.


Subscription (from The Lincolncast - will make a dedicated one in the future):

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Direct Download:

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Show Notes

Music: "Giant Bombstep: Reloaded" by The Hamster Alliance

Featured Members: , , ,

Run time: 2:55:24

Topics for the week:

  • Natural Selection 2, Planet Side 2, Dust 514, Playstation Vita, Assassins Creed 2: 3 and more?
  • Main topic: The Wii-U is coming! (and I - cynic - have a beef with Polygon.com)


Enjoy! Also, feel free to leave some criticism or feedback - TheLincolncast@gmail.com or @TheLincolncast on Twitter

Note: This was recorded on the community Mumble server and apparently Mumble sucks balls at recording - there are clicks in it that I've tried to dampen, so please excuse that. If people like the show and want us to do more, we'll experiment with other options.