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Thought of before? Thoughts on the idea? I think an idea of a monthly Bombcast where the guys answer questions from only members could be fun.

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I think it would be fun to do a Desert Bus style fundraiser, but instead of playing a game, we just lock ALL of them up in a too-small room with podcasting and video recording equipment and the more we keep donating to the charity (or the site) the longer they have to all stay and live in the tiny room and we all have to agree that no matter what happens in the room NONE OF US CALL THE POLICE.

Or . . . your idea might be fun, too.

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You mean only premium members can ask them questions and get the answers, or only premium members can ask but everyone can hear the answers?

I think everybody should be able to ask them stuff.

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I guess either one could work, but I was thinking of an incentive for them to accumulate more premium members - maybe to solve the problem with trying to monetize the podcast.

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I like the idea of a premium member q&a bombcast. Maybe livestrem so they can have skype call-ins too?

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Delicious idea!

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Dave kind of used to do this, though they were skype calls rather than e-mails.

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They have done some email-only bombcasts before, mostly at year's end. As for it being a livestream with skype calls, well they did do this when Whiskey Media Happy Hour was still a thing...and they usually weren't that great. Not saying all of them were bad, but there were quite a few joke calls that soured the whole deal. Never really got into Dave Radio, mostly because they happened while I worked, but from what I saw the questions didn't seem that bad or forced.

But eh, I'm all for them trying it.

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So like Dave's radio show? Or like Jar Time? There are already two features on the site for answering questions from subscribers, do we really need a third?

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But there is already a bi-monthly show where we ask the guys questions over Skype.

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Seeing as they already don't do e-mails, I don't see it happening

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They've done listener mail only episodes in the past, usually late in December when nothing is going on. I'm not sure if they've done one recently, though.