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#1 Posted by LordJezo (136 posts) -

Vinnie said there is a potential for an Abby Was Right t-shirt, so I think we all need to put in our requests here.

When you think about your life, in what situation was Abby right? Why would this t-shirt mean more to you than any other shirt produced thus far by Giant Bomb?

For me, and Abby Was Right shirt would be up there in terms of meaning with the China Don't Care shirt. It's just a truth of life in today's society.

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#2 Posted by DonChipotle (3521 posts) -

Only if there can be an equally as accurate Abby Was Wrong shirt

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#3 Posted by SSully (5631 posts) -

Put "Abby Was Right" on my grave

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How about a t-shirt with Bubsy on it and Vinny asking “Is this what Milennials want?” on the front and Abby’s disgusted face on the back? Y’know, something simple like that.

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Abby was right, it's easy

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#6 Posted by BRich (536 posts) -

I’d buy an ABBY FROM BROOKLYN shirt

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#7 Posted by ripelivejam (13185 posts) -

I will buy the opposing shirt, "Ben was Left"

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#8 Posted by soulcake (2774 posts) -

I am more into a "dog bottom" shirt.

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#9 Posted by Humanity (18780 posts) -

I’d get an ABBY WAS WRONG because it seems cooler to be contrary despite not caring about Sonic one way or another.

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#10 Posted by sungahymn (1187 posts) -

Am I missing something? Don't really keep up with Beast stuff.

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#11 Posted by Sordel (32 posts) -

Abby sure seemed to champion a lot of games on the GOTY deliberations that were on the losing side of the flow of the argument. I think that’s why 'Abby was right' becomes a popular sentiment right now.