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#51 Edited by Cuzza (24 posts) -

Using Overcast, got all of the premium feeds in correctly, but for some reason the Premium Bombcast refuses to show artwork on my Overcast. have deleted and readded it several times, get the episodes fine and all other GB feeds have artwork, just the premium Bombcast. Looked at the RSS and everything seems fine. Anyone else have this?

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#52 Posted by mrwhitex (33 posts) -

Thank you, man! I just got premium for the first time and wondered if i can manage to add the podcast to Overcast. This is perfect!

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#53 Edited by mrwhitex (33 posts) -

I got everything working, but my feed won't update. I have only the Beastcast episode 15. Any clues? I re-added it but episode 16 doesn't show up. I checked the feed on the site and 16 is listed there.

Edit: Seems to be a problem with https://. http:// is working.

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#54 Posted by kunimatsu (1 posts) -

Sorry for bringing back an old (but useful!) thread. I have used this to get my podcasts running in Overcast but how do I get the video feed to work?

The same method doesn't work. I'm trying to use


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#55 Posted by galland101 (24 posts) -

Overcast just recently switched to a free-with-optional-donations model with version 2.0 so all its formerly-paid features are now available to anyone, so probably more people will start using it as their podcasting app of choice. The issue with the Premium Bombcast missing its album art and artist name is still there. The premium Beastcast's art shows up fine, though.

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#56 Posted by nfugitt (16 posts) -

Was this method blocked? No special characters in the password, followed every instruction to a T and yet it can't find the URL.

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#57 Posted by Mushroomer (19 posts) -

@nfugitt: Yeah, my Premium Podcast feed just randomly stopped working on BeyondPod.

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#58 Posted by drrocktapus (22 posts) -

I could only add the premium podcasts with http://, not https.

... That should be a concern, right?

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#59 Posted by RussianDrink (140 posts) -

@drrocktapus: Same! "URL not found" when using https. This is bad.

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#60 Posted by jSlack (1186 posts) -

Looking into issues.

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#61 Posted by bwheeeler (919 posts) -

There's still the problem in Pocket Casts that album art won't show up on the overall feeds, just on the podcasts themselves. The Bombcast & Beastcast both have the generic GB logo.

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#62 Edited by TracerX (154 posts) -

Wow, I can't believe this works, holy crap. One of my major issues with Overcast was the lack of any way to enter password protected feeds, never thought it would be that easy. Thanks for resurrecting this thread!

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#63 Posted by Zero32 (11 posts) -

For me, not using https was the only way to add the premium podcasts. I tried for both the beast cast and giantbomb cast, but would only get a could not find a podcast feed at that address. If I removed the s and just used http then it found it no problem.

Hope this gets fixed cause I enjoy overcast, but that is a big problem.

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#64 Posted by heavymetalwaffle (152 posts) -

@jslack@drrocktapusJust chiming in here, I can't get https to work on Overcast for the premium feed either. My password doesn't have any special characters and my display name and log in name are the same (saw that issue on a reddit thread about this). Whenever I enter in the url using https I'm told it can't be found.

Also, I know this isn't Overcast technical support, but I figure I might as well throw this out there incase anybody else has the same issue: No matter how hard I try Overcast will not download podcasts in the background; it will only download podcasts when I open the app. I have background app refresh on, badge app notifications on and I allow Overcast to download off of cellular data but it never grabs any podcasts. Does anybody else have this issue/know how to fix it? I have been unable to find anything helpful online about it.

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#65 Posted by jSlack (1186 posts) -

@tracerx: @zero32: @heavymetalwaffle:Ya, we still have an issue when using http auth when using https. The overcast dev says it was never officially supported, so we can't guarantee it will work.

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#66 Posted by CenCen123 (10 posts) -

Is it possible to use this if you use a social media login (Twitter) or is it possible to convert your account to use a native giantbomb account?

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#67 Posted by zzzellyn (240 posts) -

Sigh. Had this all plugged in not too long ago but recently changed my password (no, I didn't add special characters) and now https isn't working but http is. I generally really like Overcast but how risky is it to use http in it? It's not a password I share with any other sites so I dunno.

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#68 Posted by sodon (58 posts) -

I still can't get it to add. It just says "Not found." Anyone with this issue ever solve it?

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#69 Posted by digitaldiatribe (115 posts) -

Anyone else using Overcast seeing delays with the premium Bombcast showing up? I don't see it for hours after the regular version is up.

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#70 Edited by phatcorns (4 posts) -

I was able to get subscribed to the Bombcast using this: https://USERNAME:PASSWORD@www.giantbomb.com/podcast-xml/premiumbombcast/ but can anyone tell me how to subscribe to the Premium podcasts, specifically Danswers? Thanks a bunch!

Sorry, forgot to mention I tried http://username:password@www.giantbomb.com/podcast-xml/premium/ and it didn't work. Not sure what I might be doing wrong.

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#72 Posted by EaterOfGerms (3 posts) -

The trailing / is important - Overcast won't find the feed without it.

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#74 Posted by RyanMacouver (31 posts) -

None of this is working for me. So frustrating.

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#75 Posted by TomyDingo (287 posts) -

Adding premium podcasts is the biggest reason I haven't fully switched to Overcast yet. It's disappointing.

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#76 Posted by Captain_Insano (3512 posts) -

Can confirm these still work. Very useful because due to ios recent AWFUL update, which has ruined the podcast app even more, I'm finally moving over to Overcast

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#77 Edited by NOT_MUCH_CHOP (36 posts) -

I keep seeing Overcast mentioned as a great podcast app, but I've been using Downcast for years and its been incredible. Why do people pay for a yearly subscription to Overcast over a free app like Downcast?? What are the benefits? I must be missing something.