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I hate to say I've just started listening to the Beastcast about 2 or 3 episodes ago, but I love it despite my late arrival. I don't normally go back and listen to old podcasts, especially when a decent amount of them will be dealing with now-old news and games. But man I forgot how much I miss the dulcet sounds of one Vincent Caravella on my morning commute. Are there any classic Beastcast episodes that are worth a listen? I know Austin used to be on and I really enjoyed his time with GB, but I also find the banter between Vinny, Jeff, and Alex friggin hilarious.

"Transformers: Dark Side of my Ass" in theaters now!

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Last year's Christmas ep is good. Otherwise maybe if you're playing a game that came out in the recent years listen to the one near that game's release or just start from zero cause you'll be able to get through 'em much easier than the entirety of the gbc catalogue.

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Some listeners post best or funny part of each episode on YouTube. So you can look them up and make a playlist. Or jog down the episode number and listen the full episode.

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Which ever one has Song of the Deep being sold by Ross Perot. Beastcast 36

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My personal favorite Beastcast episode is Austin's last one. To place it in time, they talk about Mafia 3. They all have an INCREDIBLY good dynamic, and Austin exemplifies in that episode exactly what is lost by not only losing his intellect, but his input as a black man. I also just can't stress enough how perfect Vinny, Alex, Jeff, and Austin's dynamic is. Listen to any episode of Waypoint Radio, Austin's new podcast, and then listen to a Beastcast episode. Waypoint is a good podcast, but the joy and verve are half as present as they are on the Beastcast. He's fuckin giggling the whole time. They all are. Their dynamic is as good as any actual intentional comedy podcast, frankly.

The Beastcast is fuckin great and I miss Austin's presence on it. I highly recommend just listening to the whole backlog.

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This was a good episode.

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Last year's Christmas improv episode (31) and the episode that had both Dan and Austin (I think 64) are two amazing standouts.

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There was one about a year ago where they called up Jeff Gerstmann for news stuff I think? I have no memories of the actual conversation other than that I really liked it.

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@kcin: You've convinced me. Episode 0 here I come! I do feel like I'd miss a lot if I didn't listen to Austin's contributions, and I agree 100% with what you said about what he brought to the site.

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@sarge__gunnerz: Enjoy! I listened to Beastcast episodes a few weeks behind, because my schedule didn't allow for the time 'needed' to keep up properly. Even though I was hearing the same news I'd already heard a week ago, it never bothered me. The tone and the tangents on the Beastcast while Austin was on it trump the Bombcast handily, and some of the most engaging discussions I've ever heard on this site came from the Beastcast.

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@redbullet685: I've followed the site fairly closely since 2008 and loosely followed the gang when they were at Gamestop as well (I was fairly young back then). I tend to go through phases where I'll watch every video that comes up and then other phases where I either don't have time or just sort of fall off the wagon because life. But I've always made time to at least listen to the Bombcast. So I'm very familiar with Ryan and I'm pretty sure I've listened to 99% of the Bombcast episodes, except maybe some from the beginning. I remember the Ryan episode very well. I remember pulling into the parking garage on campus and just sitting there in my car for like half an hour finishing the episode. What a time that was. I'm glad they've soldiered on through all these sudden changes (some voluntary, like shifts with Dan, Patrick, Austin, and some not, like Ryan). But I totally agree with you, that is definitely an episode worth listening to if you haven't heard it. I keep meaning to go back and listen to it again but I just never do it.

For some reason I've just been late to the Beastcast party, but I'm gonna change that now. If you thought I was referring to the Bombcast, or GB in general, I can understand the confusion. I was searching for a Beastcast forum and couldn't find one, so I figured this was the next best place for this topic. But thanks for the link to that episode!

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I've avoided almost all GBEast stuff entirely. Not for any real reason, I guess, other than it never felt like "real" Giant Bomb to me. Which is weird, because Vinny has always been one of my favorite personalities on the site. Anyway, Jeff being on the Beastcast while they were in California got me to listen to it, and I enjoyed it so much I'm going back and listening to the older ones. And just before bed last night I watched the Velvet Sundown Quick Look for the first time. What an experience that was...

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Other people have said ti, but last year's Christmas episode and the two episodes where Austin has come back after heading to Waypoint. So much love to Austin and Waypoint and so much love to GBeast, but Beastcast with Austin was the best video game podcast of all time. It's the reason I became a premium subscriber (and then I discovered there are a million other reasons to be premium). The two where he is on post-departure (especially the one with Dan) were friggin magical.

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@sarge__gunnerz: I totally just noticed this was specifically a question about the Beastcast. Every episode is worth listening to. They all have Vinny! And you can't get enough Vinny!

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Episode 49 is a classic.

AKA Jeff Backalar vs the smoker jerk. Link here.

I still remember word for word what he said.

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I enjoy their crossover episodes with Jeff Gerstmann around e3. The guys talking about the Nintendo show floor was a highlight I remember enjoying.

Now I'm thinking about Austin on the Beastcast and I'm bummed. I haven't really gotten into Waypoint Radio in the same way but I'm gonna stick with it. Austin is still Austin and as always is a joy to listen too.

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I just figured that this video needs to be in any thread that involves the Beastcast.

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@luchalma: That's exactly what made me start listening as well! Perfect timing I guess. And oh boy what a quick look Velvet Sundown was. Vinny was hysterical in that one, the whole thing had me dying. RedBullet's post and yours reminds me of one of my favorite Ryan Quick Looks, "Crash Time: Autobahn Pursuit". Something about that quick look just cracks me up every time.


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It's already mentioned, but Episode 64 might be the hardest I've ever laughed at a podcast. The whole science bit is just incredible.

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http://www.thisyearcollection.org/ has recaps of the podcast from 08-14 with the best moments put together in one file (for each year)

Here's a list of them for the lazy : 2008






2014. Also they put up the Ryan Davis tribute podcast (if you want to have a good cry).

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Every single episode with Austin is essential listening. The whole east crew is great, but Austin had a capacity to steer discussions in a more toughtful direction. I truly admire the way he looks at games even though I largely disagree with his actual taste in them. Plus, his chemistry with the group led to much better goofs.

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Last Christmas at Laguardia is fucking amazing and you should listen to it in preparation for this years Fiasco episode.

Also there is an episode where they invent a movie and it's great but I can't remember the date of it.