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For the past 3 podcasts I've had some serious technical difficulties playing it on my iPhone 4S. I originally was downloading it from the site and switched over to iTunes thinking it would fix the situation but the problem still occurs.

What happens is that the audio cuts outs or seems to skip and then will completely just stop all together and when I go to play it will make me play it from the actual beginning and not from where I was actually at.

I listen to many other podcasts and this is the only audio track/show that does it on my iPhone. I've tried it on my PC and I still encounter the audio skips. I haven't listened all the way through to see if it stops like it does on my iPhone. I was just wondering if anyone else was encountering this.

Giantbomb is my favorite gaming cast and I would hate to have to stop listening to it because I can't listen to a full show on my iPhone.

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This sounds like some sort of odd technical issue on your end.

Are you downloading or streaming the podcast?