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1:53:29 - 1:53:33. Please inform the crew.

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Sounds more like they edited something out in a non-transparent way.

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no but seriously they're usually good with editing, so they get a pass here.

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ryan already addressed this on twitter. he knows about it. says there's no real way to fix it because the recording computer screwed up and he apologized.

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If you paid any attention to the podcast, they said right after that sound that it was the next day and that they nearly lost the podcast, and did lose the last part of it so they were rerecording questions and whatnot.

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@Ben_H: If you paid any attention to his post, he was addressing a skip in the Mass Effect discussion. The conversation cuts off mid-sentence and jumps to talk about Zynga.

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Hey, we got 2 hours of the original and an hour of new shit too. Im satisfied.

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They're obviously talking about the whole Zynga and EA suit. But yeah, it sounds like it skipped a bit.

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As some users have already pointed out a technical issue occurred and half of the podcast was lost. Re-recording the podcast was the only option as no backup was salvaged and the edit is unavoidable.

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Maybe if Vinny wasn't so clumsy while doing the hustle we would still have that part

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So long as the chat berates them and tells them to talk about Zynga and maybe Mass Effect during TNT all should be well.

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Did you bother finishing listening to the podcast? They mentioned they had technical difficulties right in there.

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To be honest, it was a bit weird when I stopped listening at work to go back to home and find out that my times didn't match.

Apparently they cut out the Zynga vs EA comments before the hiccup.

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@tsiro said:

According to twitter:

Yup, there's a hiccup around 1:53:30 in this week's show. Unrecoverable, but you didn't miss much.


But I was really looking forward to the end of that mass effect discussion and that zynga/ea discussion.