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I only started listening to the Bombcast (without fail) every single week about a year ago, so I have problems placing the dates of certain topics around those first few months.

The episode I'm looking for was at some point between August and November, probably closer to the September because I remember listening to this exact segment when I was walking to get dinner between classes on a hot day.

The topic of bug problems came up, and Jeff (I'm pretty sure) mentioned buying spider traps and being confused that they were just small pieces of paper than you fold and place somewhere, and everyone assumed that a small corner is the kind of place that a spider would want to go.

This also might have been when Vinny (?) posed the question, "Would you rather deal with one big spider of one hundred little spiders?"

That's the episode I'm primarily looking for, but I'll also accept any bombcast with Bug Discussion as a substitute, because I just really want to listen to grown men talk about hating bugs.

Got any favorite Bug Clips?

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I remember there was a time way back in 2008/9 when Brad had an "ant" problem inside his TV / TV cabinet.