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Vinny and Alex explore the deadly consequences of cheating in games.

So I've been struggling with a Mario Party Party animation since my Laguardia short, but it's slowly coming along. In the meantime, I knew I needed to make a short from Vinny and Alex's (with Jeff and Dan) amazing bit from a couple weeks ago involving the dangers of using Cheat Engine. I hope you guys enjoy, and as usual, any advice, thoughts, or constructive criticism is appreciated.

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I was hoping this part would get animated by someone. Good job!

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Good job, i wish their podcasts were shorter i can't sit and listen for 2-3 hours anymore. Give me like 40min to an hour lol.

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@oursin_360: Haha, I go through similar times in my life. I usually just listen in 2-3 chunks while I'm out running errands. Keeps me entertained and (usually) keeps random people from engaging in chit chat! (Also Thanks :-))

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Good job duder! ??

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Haha, great work, duder.

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Aww, thanks!

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Haha that was amazing!

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If anybody ever wants to message me with animation suggestions, feel free!

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damn duder you knocked this outta the park.

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@clintlandon: I don't usually rate things 10/10, but this video is well deserving of such score. Amazingly animated, well done Duder.

Rewatched it and still laugh, you took a great part of the Beastcast and made it even better.

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Utterly brilliant!

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Fucking beautiful job, was laughing very hard during that conversation.

Note: I use cheat engine all the time, no heroin needles yet.

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@clintlandon: I don't think anything has ever been done with this particular segments but it's one of my top 3 favorite bombcast moments.

It's the yelp conversatiom from 2013. I can get you the exact episode but the gold found in that discussion, specifically when Ryan reads his own review, fucking beautiful. Want to say it was the last January episode in 2013

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@nightriff: If you want to message me a link to the episode with a general time stamp I'll look at it right away! Regardless, I'll be sure to find it eventually. Thanks!

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This is way too good. Great job duder

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Thanks for all of the positive feedback, everyone! I've really enjoyed making these and the only thing I've enjoyed more is seeing so many people entertained by these silly things! It wasn't intended, but I already have another all but done. I've debated on whether I should put another out so soon after this one but I'll probably post it in the next couple days, anyway :-)

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I have nothing to contribute to this. I just want to say that I absolutely love Jeff Bakalar.