Beastcast or Bombcast?

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Lately I’ve seen a lot of comments, here and on the site, about how many choose to listen to the Beastcast over the Bombcast.

I try to listen to both (Wed - Fri commute for Bombcast, following Mon - Wed commute for Beastcast) but not always able.

I do find myself leaning towards Beastcast more these days though. I think Dan is one reason - his energy and zest for things is always fun. Plus Vinny is America’s sweetheart.

So why do you choose one over the other? Or both?

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I think the video is making the Bombcast slightly worse. I have no intention of ever watching the video version, and every so often someone does something visual and doesn’t explain it, and whatever happened makes no sense to audio-only listeners. I don’t have infinite time to watch GB video, so when I do it’s always going to be videos related to games, not a video of the staff sitting around a desk for 3 hours.

Conversely, if something visual is ever done on the Beastcast, Vinny or someone almost always says “for listeners at home, Dan has just [explains visual action].”

Overall I think Vinny is a better producer/host and the Beastcast is overall more considerate of its audience.

However, both Brad and Abby need to listen to the other’s podcast more, so that they stop both picking the same emails that were just answered by the other podcast.

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It used to be the Beastcast but when Austin left it wasn't quite the same. I tend to lean more towards the Bombcast now. While the Beastcast has fun moments, I feel like the Bombcast goes deeper on various topics. I enjoy both though.

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I listen to them both. Between commutes and low-thought work (dishes, mowing, vacuuming, etc), I have the time.

If I was forced to choose, it’d be the Beastcast. The Beastcast never feels like you’re listening to an obligation. That’s not always true of the Bombcast these days.

I dig both, but East Coast wins this debate, for me.

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Bombcast every week. Beastcast if I have time.

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Both, they get me through my walks to and from work.

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Love both, but the Beastcast I love just a little bit more.

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Bombcast, but i like both.

I ignored the video version of it for a bit but it's nice having these dudes chatting on my 2nd monitor, and i love the little banner with the topics cus i miss what they're talking about all the time.

I like the Beastcast too, i get my overdose of Dan stupidity and Abby's fun.

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I like both equally.

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Beastcast, although neither of them make me laugh like I used to, it could be a sign of the times, the cast, me, I dont know.

They're still entertaining though, and i'd gladly listen to more podcasts from them, it doesnt have to be about videogames.

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@boozak: It’s not you. The original 4 stuff was gold every week. I still love the shows and listen to every episode, but things like Vinny’s Shameful Domino’s Order used to be weekly occurrences.

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Both are great, I like Beastcast slightly more. I'd love it if we could swap people regularly between them but I realize that's insane. I just love it when East and West mix.

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I listen to both, although recently I think I prefer the Beastcast, due to the chemistry of the hosts...

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Bombcast I prefer. I'm not a big fan of the east coast content so much as I find its too jokey even though I like each of the staff.

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I love both but push comes to shove I an original Bombcast guy.

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Jeff’s pitch for a new James Bond game was pretty goddamn good this week. It also made me miss Ryan tremendously, as I feel like that joke was putting the ball of a damned tee for him.

It was a taste of that magic Jeff still brings.

EDIT: Though the confused bewilderment surrounding how one drives a car made me want to chase fools out of my iphone speaker...

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I like both. I tend to keep up with the Bombcast more consistently, mostly out of habit I suppose.