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With the advent of the video bombcasts we now get to see the current studio setup in all its glory. It looks great and (when all the equipment and settings are in place) sounds fantastic too.

I'd love to have a run-down of the crew's equipment set-up. If nothing else just the mic and mic stand models would be great to know, but I would super love either a behind-the-scenes video rundown or a text breakdown of the full setup.

Will page in @drewbert and @unastrike but I'm aware that you're both super busy and might not have time for this. As someone always looking to improve my own audio setup I find this stuff super fascinating.

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The new podcast setup hasn't been documented yet. Gotta bug @drewbert about it!

This is their setup for last GOTY podcasts. This equipment is now used in the new studio.

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The first piece of the puzzle is the audio mixer: Behringer X32 Producer.

Don't know about the mics. There is also equipment used for routing the audio to headphones.

The video part is fairly simple. There are four cameras. The video mixer/capture card and the control surface are connected to a laptop. My guess is that it's something from Blackmagic.

This isn't the final setup, but probably pretty close:

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Thanks for the answers! Yeah I've seen the previous stuff, but would definitely love an up-to-date post on their current gear.

I'm as much interested in their specific recommendations as the overall setup. I'm not going to be putting together anything quite as complex but I really enjoy doing recording for videos and podcasts so I'm always intrigued to see what gear other people are using and what personal tips they would offer.

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At the same time the video audio was really quiet, I had to turn everything up way way higher than usual

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I'm going to bump an 11 month old thread, but might as well have all this info in one place:

  • Microphones: Electro-Voice RE20
  • Shockmounts: Auray SSM-BC10 Microphone Suspension Shockmount

The stands are probably TT-6220 from Auray. The mixer looks like it's still the Behringer x32 producer.