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Link to episode.

Date Posted: 3-4-2008

Hosts: Ryan and Jeff

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Hello and welcome back to Bombcast from the Past, off the bat in this episode we have the Bombcast debut of Alex Navarro! Jeff announces that the Arrow Pointing Down Podcast is #1 in the UK, #2 in the US, and "big in Columbia" and attributes the success to the scathing drink review. Well hold on to you hats because this week's Drink of the Week is Cactus Cooler, which is a drink I have never heard of, and Alex explains that it is due to the fact that it is only available in the south western US. For the curious, you can purchase a 12-pack of Cactus Cooler for the low price of $28.50 on Amazon. Jeff later describes the taste as a liquid form of children's chewable Aspirin, which sounds fucking disgusting. Ryan has gone on a small vacation to Los Angeles, but he is happy to be back as he and Alex agree that no one should spend more than 3 days in Southern California. They spend the next few minutes explaining just how shitty L.A. is. Alex and Jeff have gone to see Cobra, a movie which Jeff deems the greatest movie ever made, ( currently at a 5.7/10 on IMDB) we also hear a name drop of future Giant Bomber Matt Rorie.

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This week's new kicks off with a story of EA being interested in buying Take Two Interactive. The guys say that this is just something that's inevitable, but in mid 2008 the offer would expire and the deal will never be made. Phil Harrison has left Sony Computer Entertainment America and moved on to Atari, and from reading his wiki page, he hasn't done much of anything since then. They spend the next few minutes discussing the library of Atari's IP and how they basically only have DBZ at this point, and that maybe this move could save them, hindsight being 20/20 it has not. The next story is speculation on a Van Halen Guitar Hero. At this point it is only a rumor, the game would eventually be released on December 22, 2009. The talk for awhile about the downward fall the Guitar Hero series, and Ryan even makes a joke that a future Guitar Hero game would feature key-tars, while never making their way into Guitar Hero game, it would make and appearance in Rock Band 3. Speaking of Rock Band, they just released a huge amount of Greatful Dead dlc, which Ryan and Jeff just hate but Alex defends (foreshadowing?) They discuss Rock Band for awhile, it's nice hearing them talk about how much they love it, when the game came out I was totally into it, and like the rest of the gaming community it is nothing but memories at this point in 2017. In the last bit of news this week, Dungeons and Dragons creator Gary Gygax has passed away at the age of 69.

This week Alex is playing Conflict: Denied Ops, and gives it "two thumbs up... out of ten," and alludes to the idea that it felt liked a rushed version of Army of Two, this would be the last game in the Conflict series made to date. Jeff is still playing the Club, saying that it makes a passable first impression and it's all down hill from there, and Alex whole heartily agrees. Ryan has finally wrapped up Jumper, which he is only playing for the points. Jeff is closing in on 55k achievement points and eagerly awaits CSI to grind that to reach 56k. Jeff is also playing through the second season for Sam and Max and he is actually enjoying this game. Bully Scholarship edition is out, they like it so far but are disappointed with the frame rate. Also released this week is Army of Two, which apparently teaches us that bullet wounds can be plugged with tampons. Next week sees the release of God of War: Chains of Olympus and Condemned 2.

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We get to the questions from this week, first being to name your three favorite Xbox Live Arcade games. Uno makes all their lists, Geometry Wars, Catan, Alien Hominid, Puzzle Quest, and Streets of Rage 2 are all mentioned as well. Alex pleads for a Final Fight arcade release, a wish that would be granted two years later in April 2010. The second question is if they could pick one game to be made for Xbox Live Arcade what would it be, Ryan picks Apples to Apples, Alex of course picks Final Fight, and Jeff picks Samurai Shodown 2, all three would eventually find their way onto the platform. Someone wants to know if they would ever get a sequel to Rumble Racing, the group unanimously says no, and they were right. The next question is what flavor would they make a Gatorade Alex would have a champagne flavored Gatorade named Boo Berry, Jeff would name his BLACK SHOCK and it would taste like Sweet Tarts. Jeff is asked what ideas he had to get more people to actually read game reviews, this takes the group on a few minutes of interesting conversation about aggregate review sites and actual review sites. The next question gets them back onto the subject of drinks and discuss a Pepsi Max coffee variant that sounds disgusting, and a sponge cake and jam flavored pop... yuck.

And that about wraps up the show for this week. Join us next time for the first every Bombcast!

Games Mentioned this Week

GameRelease DateG.B. Review ScoreUnit Sold* (mil.)
Guitar Hero Van Halen12/22/2009Not Reviewed.95
Conflict: Denied Ops2/8/2008Not Reviewed.40
Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space11/8/2007Not ReviewedN/A
Uno5/9/2006Not ReviewedN/A

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved

11/22/2005Not ReviewedN/A
Alien Hominid11/18/2004Not ReviewedN/A
Puzzle Quest3/16/2007Not ReviewedN/A
Streets of Rage 28/29/2007Not ReviewedN/A
Final Fight: Double Impact4/14/20104/5 (Brad)N/A
Apples to Apples12/7/2011Not ReviewedN/A
Samuri Shodown 29/10/20084/5 (Jeff)N/A

* According to vgchartz.com, complied all units sold accross all platforms.

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@badmood247 said:
Jeff have gone to see Cobra, a movie which Jeff deems the greatest movie ever made, ( currently at a 5.7/10 on IMDB)

I have eventually seen a lot of movies(Terminator 1 and 2, the Rocky series and Cobra) because people on the Bombcast like them. Cobra's IMDB score is completely deserved.

I like these posts, just listening to them is one thing but it's nice to have someone bring up what actually happens with those speculations further down the line.

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* According to vgchartz.com,

Coulda used random numbers then.

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This is a cool post.

I've just recently gone back to the beginning of the podcast for the first time. It's awesome listening to rumors and speculation and announcements with the benefit of hindsight.