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So, I'm sure this is still being worked on, and I figured I am the only person in the world that still uses a Zune to listen to the bombcast on the go, but thought I would throw in the obligatory "Any idea when the stream will be back up to download?" thread. If it helps any, when I unsubscribe and resubscribe via the Zune marketplace it gives me an error saying that the RSS feed is valid, but no content was found. Keep up the good work, and I will sit here and wait, jonesing for the latest bombcast.

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Manually add a podcast with this rss, it worked fine for me after that.


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You can add the RSS feed, but for those of us who wasted it all downloading every. Single. Bombcast via said feed, there will be no more archive.

As my Zune starts to develop hard disk errors, I feel it's time I moved on from that abandoned piece of sexy.

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@blatantninja23: So they have confirmed that the RSS address will change to that?

I can't even display that link above in Firefox or IE. They should keep the old url.

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i just downloaded it as mp3 add away it went on my wp

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@blatantninja23: Sweet. Thanks. This link worked. Luckily, I had the settings to only download the past three, since it now has all of them as being started on 2/13/13.

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I actually use my old PSP to stream podcasts over wifi (I do most of my podcast listening at bedtime). I entered the link above and it tries to subscribe to the feed but I get an error that says the data type isn't supported. I hope it gets fixed.

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still autosyncing with built in WP7 podcast client doesn't work (I dont sync podcasts via desktop client). list comes empty :( probably will have to wait for zune marketplace to catch up with new rss feed...

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The Podcast page for the Bombcast is completely broken on the Marketplace, it seems. I used BlatantNinja's sugestion, and it seems to work just fine. It's a shame it won't automatically download like it usually did, but it works.

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I'm using an HTC 8X to listen to podcasts. The only way I can get podcasts that behave like podcasts onto it is to get them from the Zune Marketplace. I'm really hoping that this is fixed soon.

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I still use my ZuneHD for music and podcasts and hope this gets fixed soon.

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I still use my ZuneHD for music and podcasts and hope this gets fixed soon.

Me too! I actually just resubscribed so you all should give it a shot now.

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Looks like my WP8 was able to download the latest cast overnight through the Windows Store by itself! Praise all!

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Yeah, I have a Windows Phone (Lumia 920) and it autodownloads perfectly fine from the marketplace once the RSS feed was back up.

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Yes its back, for it on windows phone music store

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You just drag the mp3 into your Zune player and it auto adds it to Podcast list, then hit subscribe