Bombcast Theme, but it's way worse.

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I needed to test some studio gear and used it as an excuse for a silly bombcast theme remix and figured I may as well upload it.

I've been a fan of the site for at least 4/5 years and this might be the first time I've actually posted to the forums. If I fudged something up, yell at me. I'm very sorry.

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#2 Posted by coldblood (217 posts) -

Shreddy ???

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I just got some new recording gear and might have to follow your lead.

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Good stuff, duder!

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Now I just need to hear Jeff yell BWAAAAAH as that theme ends.

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#6 Posted by FinalForm (76 posts) -

@nutter: Nothing would make me happier than for that to become a reality.

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#7 Posted by nutter (2292 posts) -

@finalform: I’m sure someone could browse the opening minute of the Aftermath shows and find a pretty good Jeff scream to put in there...

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#8 Posted by Zeik (5221 posts) -

This could easily be a Guilty Gear theme.

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#9 Posted by DanThePostman (19 posts) -

This just popped up on my YouTube feed before I even got on the forums. Do you have any other music being disseminated across the Internet?

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#10 Posted by FinalForm (76 posts) -

@danthepostman: not a ton. I’ve been working on writing a dumb power metal album for a little while.

Complete with a low budget, cringe inducing video.

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#11 Posted by mezmero (3785 posts) -

This sounds like the intro to the Ocean dub of the Giant Bombcast. "In this game you send a lot of nazis, TO ANOTHER DIMENSION!"

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#12 Posted by Onemanarmyy (4501 posts) -

I always enjoy new takes on a familiar theme. Good job!

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#13 Posted by Wikitoups (1445 posts) -

this is dans/jeff's wrestling theme