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@kilroyandy: No way! In the 8 years this thread has been active I don't think the spelling has ever come up...

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@mattyftm: Has it always been this way or just since the new video stuff? I thought they joked ocassionally about it being tuesday because it got recorded on Monday.

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did live bombcast happen early or something? this thread may have meaning again?

e: jeff does appear to be wretchedly sick tho.

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It should be coming in the next couple hours

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@mattyftm: Any chance we can get this thread renamed to the correct spelling of Waiting?? Thanks

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Nice to see that "waiting" has been misspelled for 8 years now. Whoops?

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@kilroyandy: I fail to see the problem with the thread title. Bombcast Watitng Room, Nothing wrong with that.

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@mattyftm: I'm starting to smell that this is a long standing joke that I'm years behind on.........

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It's Tuesday and something seems amiss...

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As if on cue the "coming up" has been updated

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Excited for this upcoming episode. I didn't watch the livestream. I wanna hear Jeff talk about Horizon 0.

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Live episode today?

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I hope they get that whiting blink guy as a guest for today!

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I kinda get stressed out when the shows dont appear in the upcoming and countdown

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When was the last Tuesday when there wasn't a Bombcast? Has it happened since the start of the site?

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I wonder if the crew is going to weigh in in the whole Jontron thing or if it's too non newsy for them to bother. I mean, we all know where Jeff stands on the issue and I would be wildly surprised if anyone else GB were any different, but I would still like to hear them truly tackle the topic of racism in the gaming community or online in general. It probably wouldn't be anything we haven't heard, but i would still like to hear them on it.

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@lasse_momme: i'd be genuinely shocked if they did

@excessdebris: nothing stops the bombcast