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Well for starters I’ve been a huge Capcom fan forever, so maybe I’m a little biased. But I honestly don’t think their new classic/mini console is all that ridiculous. Yeah sure they could’ve done a lot better, but in my opinion that Neo Geo mini arcade with its impossible to use controls and microscopic screen is WAY dumber and ill-conceived. Props to Capcom for including arcade sticks and buttons for the arcade experience also. Thoughts?

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Ehh... I think the selection could be a lot better, or at least, more complete (some noticeable omissions include Dungeons & Dragons, Knights of the Round Table, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs and any vs or fighting game outside of SF 2). In a time when Mame is a thing and it is so easy to use, I believe companies need to do a lot better to justify those little nostalgia expenses.

But the staff reaction to the design is the correct one. That "console" looks hilariously ridiculous. The buttons disguised into the giant logo is not a good look. I don't know who designed it, but it looks like a 4 years old kid's birthday cake from the 80s. It seems like it is built out of candy and marzipan. I fear if I left it in the open for long, I might get some ants problem...

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I agree that the Neo Geo mini was worse. That does not make this Capcom one any less of a dumb idea.

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Progear is one of my favorite games and it's never received an official port of any kind, so I was initially really excited at Monday's teaser, thinking it was a digital collection akin to the beat-'em-up bundle. On top of this being a huge bulky physical-only thing, it's FBA -- so it's somehow still worse than just continuing to play in MAME! This entire thing is so disappointing.

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It’s extraordinary looking for sure, but I honestly didn’t have any real reaction with it when I saw it except “huh, okay”. Maybe I’m the weird one. I imagine with enough uproar Capcom may release another version less obnoxious. I was also excited to see Alien vs. Predator on there being that it also hasn’t ever seen an official release outside the arcade. The connections on it lead one to believe that there may be additional games available to add in the future... hopefully.

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@devman: Don't get me wrong, I am not offended by it, more like amused and in disbelief. When I first saw it, it provoked laughs, not uproar.

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For sure. It would be strange for someone to be outraged by the design. I agree it’s goofy, but more atrocious contraptions have been made. I’ll most likely be getting one.

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I think a Capcom console is just what is the point fo teh big side-by-side controllers? This seems liek teh only comfortable way to use ist is to be standing at a bar with a tv in front of you. Side by Side on a sofa would be LESS comfortable because the two players would have to lean forward if it were on a coffee table.

I think better move would have been make the case the shape and color of the Capcom logo, but then have to flip up ports for plug-in USB controllers. Or, if they REALLY wanted those stick & ball w/ 6 buttons make the logo break into two parts. What they made is the worst of all worlds, two sticks side by side, with wires hanging off the front.