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How about splitting the bombcast up in to chapters. I was thinking that you can include links below the player that, when clicked, makes the player jump to the part you wish to hear. 
Like when commenting on Youtube you can include a link to a frame by typing in minute and second. So the idea is not to cut up the file, but just to include links that refer to the part where a specific topic is being discussed. 
The thing is that sometimes a topic that doesn't interest me is being discussed, and I try to click around on the timeline to find out when the it is changed.

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I find podcast chapters to be really useful. They let you skip to the next chapter when there is a spoiler warning or if you want to skip ahead to a particular chapter that you're looking for. But perhaps the effort and time it would take to add chapters to the podcast is not worth it because not enough listeners care about or would use this feature.

Most players support it. Here's an article about it. After googling around there seems to be a couple of different programs that lets you add chapters to mp3 files.

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I don't think we ever going to have such granularity in the timestamps as you wish (not topic to topic, since they tend to change a lot during each episode), but I think they should include timestamps for each section ("what have you being playing?", news, emails, etc), like they do during GOTY discussions. I don't even ask for them to add them to the files themselves, but at least to the descriptions. It is not like they are not aware of those cuts, since they add advertisement between them in post-production.