Do you skip the postcard section from the Beastcast?

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Poll: Do you skip the postcard section from the Beastcast? (1139 votes)

No, I love kisses and Mario Sunshine is a good game dammit! 45%
Yes, I am a soulless husk that hates kisses and eats popcorn out of the trash! 40%
Just show me the results. 15%

Sadly I am an awful person that skips Jeff's kisses. I feel bad for doing it but when it takes up 15 minutes plus of the Beastcast that seems like too much. Well wishes to all the people that find the time to send a postcard into the Beastcast but I got several other podcast to get through. I'm not saying Beastcast should ditch the segment because they wisely put it at the end of the show but I am curious how many people listen to Jeff Bakalar and the rest of the Beast Crew kiss complete strangers.

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#101 Posted by whyzenheimer (484 posts) -

I'm not a huge fan. Also, it's one of the clear scenarios where you can say they could be doing something else with that time. They aren't a large crew and seemed stretched for time on a good day.

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#102 Posted by Ungodly (449 posts) -

I love the post card bit, but I didn't vote because I don't like Mario Sunshine. I think it's neat that they're getting postcards, and I enjoy how they interact with us. Also there is nothing weird/sexual about being kissed on the cheek.

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#103 Posted by CheapPoison (1127 posts) -

I am here to witness every minute of their mistakes!

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#104 Posted by Tom_omb (1073 posts) -

Yes! Mario Sunshine is a good game.

...Kisses I could take or leave, but I listen to podcasts all the way through anyway. The time Alex ripped up a postcard was a pretty good moment you all missed.

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#105 Posted by SkullPanda1 (1631 posts) -

I listen to it. Someday* I may even send a postcard in!

*probably never

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#106 Edited by Superkenon (1704 posts) -

I find it utterly charming and adorable. I listen to the Beastcast as much (if not more) for their personalities and banter as I do for games/news coverage, so I don't see it as a divergence from the things I like about the show. It's fun to hear from fans!

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#107 Edited by zaccheus (2096 posts) -

No, I don't skip it and no Mario Sunshine is not a good game.

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#108 Posted by sirdesmond (1472 posts) -

I really like that section. It's a nice community-focused bit of positivity for me.

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#109 Posted by soulcake (2818 posts) -

I liked the card that said stop this nightmare.

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#110 Posted by icoangel (108 posts) -

I listen to it because I am too lazy to skip it, but I can not say I really enjoy it.

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#111 Posted by splodge (2786 posts) -

Just a bit of harmless stranger kissing over distance. It's a good dose of positivity.

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#112 Posted by Y2Ken (2974 posts) -

I listen to it, there's usually still some funny stuff in there anyway and last week they only did one and then there was a whole additional discussion after it that I would have missed if I'd just skipped over when Vinny said it was postcard time. I'll take any additional podcast material from the Beast crew anyway, but I enjoy that section well enough.

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#113 Posted by elmorales94 (373 posts) -

I don't skip it-- I even sent one in that they read on last week's show! I think it's great to hear where people are from and a nice way to ensure that the show always ends on a positive note.

Also, kissing people on the cheek is fine. I don't understand how it could be construed as creepy. I do it L I T E R A L L Y every day.

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#114 Edited by WillyOD (353 posts) -

A thousand times yes.

It's not the kisses. It's people "writing in" wanting to be "mentioned". Too many, so many. When I go to bed and activate sleep timer I'm supposed to listen to 20+ mins of reading peoples' postcards? Sheesh.

Amazing podcast, maybe the best in the world, but what the actual heck?

If you're not gonna get rid of this time-wasting feature, at least save the kisses for truly special occasions and postcards.

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#115 Posted by Maxszy (2378 posts) -

Its fantastic! Its just extra Beastcast, and I am okay with that. its not like they are cutting their regular content short to do the Postcards, so what's the problem? Why complain?

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#116 Edited by Deadstar (599 posts) -

I definitely don't like it. It's basically a shoutout section on a podcast. I really don't care that it is whoever's birthday or that someone is on vacation, got married etc. It just seems like wasted time to me and I do skip it. I wish they would just break that out into a separate podcast so that if you wanted to hear shoutouts you could listen to a podcast fully dedicated to them.

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#117 Posted by Manhattan_Project (2333 posts) -

Yes, because its great like almost everything the beast crew do.

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#118 Posted by cchaos420 (3 posts) -

I’m just to busy to skip it. I prob would if I could find the time to pick up my phone