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Edit: After listening to the last 2 bombcasts I think I may have been a little harsh on Patrick. I wouldn't mind him becoming a permanent member now.

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He can replace Brad. He's too mopey and doesn't seem to give a shit half the time.

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Sure. Hearing him on the live stream was fine. He knows his shit.

He did do a crappy "That's what she said", though. So -5 cool points.

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@rflx said:

" Maybe? "

How about he walks in after the "Hey Vinny..." segment, spits the news, drops the mic and walks out?
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Possibly?  I don't want him to replace anybody!

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I do not even know the guy! and the crew will probably do what ever the fuck they want, and that is how it should be. 

so sure, why not put him on there, ill even give him 3 weeks to adjust, no big deal. 

but why have a poll, when 90% of dudes has never seen, heard or read the dude? 

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As long as he does not replace anybody, sure!

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@BetonneTom said:

but why have a poll, when 90% of dudes has never seen, heard or read the dude? 

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@CL60 said:
" @BetonneTom said:

but why have a poll, when 90% of dudes has never seen, heard or read the dude? 

What? "
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I'm 50/50. I like Patrick, but I wonder if 5 people on a podcast at once is too many? I certainly don't wanna replace any of the existing guys, but I wouldn't be opposed to a rotation... maybe.

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@BetonneTom:  I don't know about you but I have known who he was for a while now, back when he was with G4
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@CL60: Ha i expect i used to much dudes in my sentence! never a good idea!

the point was, is that altough he is pretty well known in the game news biz, a lot of people have no idea what to expect from patrick. 
i have no idea, so why would you ask an opinion this quickly?
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Not really, I prefer having the odd guest from time to time.

On the flipside 5 could mean a longer podcast in general since an extra person has to speak about what they've been playing. But that could mean they have to cut down other segments if they have a time limit. (I don't think they do though)

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@BetonneTom said:
" I do not even know the guy! and the crew will probably do what ever the fuck they want, and that is how it should be. 
so sure, why not put him on there, ill even give him 3 weeks to adjust, no big deal. 

but why have a poll, when 90% of dudes has never seen, heard or read the dude? 

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Yes. I've been watching him on Feedback forever and the dude knows his stuff. IMO, he's fits just as well as everyone else on the Bombcast. Of course I don't want him to replace anyone, but having a permanent or occasional 5th member wouldn't hurt anything.

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too many voices on the podcast already.   He'd be ok to fill in for one of the main guys if they are on vacation or something.

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I haven't heard him in any podcast, so I don't know.

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this may not be the most popular opinion, but i think he should replace jeff, ryan, and vinny.
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Not if it means less textual news stuff.

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Sure, I want an extra half hour so they can discuss what they did over the week. And only one e-mail read, too, while they're at it.

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That's like women switching places with bears, it's crazy talk, unless you would rather have sex with a grizzly bear.
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Of course not, after that "omg listen to me! listen to me! I am louder than anyone else!" part on the GDC podcast. I had enough :I

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I would like a sampler before answering the question.

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5 is too many.

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He's pretty much guaranteed to be on if not this week's podcast then next week's so I'll judge after that. I wouldn't want him to replace anybody though.

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Yes! He's cool.

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Yep.  It would be a crime if we wasn't on the bombcast.  Not to mention an enormous waste of talent.

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i like affirmed answers over broad speculation.

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my gut reaction is no. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

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Five people seems like to many, and I don't want any of the current cast to drop out, so no. I would love him to become a regular guest though, with him tag teaming in once a month or something like that. Although if they can make it work with 5 people, that's cool too.

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The second they replace or add a new member, we're done. The fab four of the Bombcast cannot be more perfect. 

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I think the Bombcast could definitely use a new regular member. Give Patrick a chance!

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I dreamed last night that he was going to replace Brad on the Bombcast.

Yeah, I'm a sad person.

Anyway, I don't think there should be more than 4 people on the Bombcast at any time, except at events (and even then, I don't really like it). And there's no current host I would want to replace.

He should be on at least once, but I'll have to go back and listen to the one he was on to see if I like his podcasting style.

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I don't think they will "add" him to the show. I have watched Patrick on the 1UP show, Area 5's shortly lived CO-OP and G4's Feedback. The man knows video games and is a very good speaker, I wouldn't mind him popping on the Bombcast every now and then.

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I think I'll listen to him on it (I would guess he'll be on this weeks) and then make my mind up, it'll probably allow them to change the people a bit more, and one guy work for 3 hours on a Monday once a month instead of doing the Bombcast.

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I say give him a shot. If he clicks with the crew's chemistry, then yeah, make him a regular. Though I've only heard him once on a Weekend Confirmed podcast, so I can't really say what it would be like.

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After seeing Patrick enough on G4's video podcast Feedback for quite some time, I think he'd do fine. Not sure if he wants to all the time but I'd at least like to see him in on the bombcast like other rare GB visitors (Dave, Drew, Alex).

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I know nothing about the guy, so YES.

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Maybe an occasional guest.

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Now Dave, that's a guy I'd like to participate in the Bombcast more often.
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I think five is the maximum number of people that should be on a podcast at any one time. Four is great and three feels like you're missing someone. He'll probably be on this weeks Bombcast so let's see how that goes first.

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Don't know him at all.  Abstain.

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Pretty firmly opposed. Five people would be pushing it, replacing someone would be ridiculous, and if they ever had guests, they'd end up with six people talking at once. I think 4 with the occasional guest is more than enough.

Patrick would fit on the bombcast only if:

1. They make the bombcast longer to accomodate an extra personality while maintaining the same time they spend for everyone else.
or 2. Patrick is just a semi-regular/ occasional guest when there's a vacant seat.

Otherwise I really don't like the idea.

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Put him on his own podcast so I can try it out, then shrug my shoulders and unsubscribe. It'll be like the old days at 1up and Level5.