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Hi, Giant Bomb, I would like a supercut of Jeff holding things ASAP, as soon as possible please. It's really a necessity to my day-to-day needs. Without it I will likely starve or perish in my endless struggle to survive in this god-awful land of decay. Cheers, Giant Bomb.

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I was holding my supercut last weekend. I'll see if I can dig it up.

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I was just thinking about Jeff holding stuff not 24 hours ago.

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@m2thek: Can't wait to see Jeff holding #Skate4

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I'm ashamed. I went more than 24 hours without thinking about Jeff holding things within the last 24 hours...

@artisanbreads did you find the supercut you were holding last weekend?

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you joke but i really want this

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Hmm seems like we need to crowdsource this project and start posting timestamps.