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In the latest podcast Ryan was talking quite emphatically about SimGolf, which seriously peaked my long lost interest in sim/management games. I played a hell of a lot of RollerCoaster Tycoon and Sim Theme Park back in my younger days and was interested to know what are some other games like this to look into.

So I ask, what are some of the best/your favorite sim games (preferably newer)?

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Transport Tycoon Deluxe is by far one of the best sim games I've ever played. I love that damn game. Should be available to download or buy online.

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@Captain_Insano: There's also the open source implementation called OpenTTD, which is completely free and no longer requires the base game to play (they redid all the art/music assets themselves). I was even playing it on my Android tablet not long ago, which is not something I'd recommend since it plays like crap on a touch screen, but it's still an amazing game.

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@hussatron: Yeah that's the one I have been playing as my old original copy of the game ceased working. Love that game.

The bombcast and this post has piqued my interest in SimGolf. Looking on Firaxis' website there is no info about where I can buy it. Any thoughts? Is it on steam? (I don't have a computer which can access Steam at the very moment).

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Theme Hospital was pretty awesome, back in the day. Can't believe no one rebooted that yet.

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@Captain_Insano: It isn't on Steam, I just looked as I am too interest in playing this game now thanks to Ryan's enthusiasm about it.

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@demonbear said:

Theme Hospital was pretty awesome, back in the day. Can't believe no one rebooted that yet.


Runs in 1920x1080 and is free if you download the demo of theme hospital.

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Theme Park for the PS1 and Theme Park World for the PS2 are both very underrated, some of my favourite childhood memories are with those games.

God what I would do for a sequel.

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The Sims. It's a pretty niche game, so I forgive you if you haven't heard of it before.

I only ever played the demo for Sim Golf, but I played it to DEATH and it was amazing. I wish there was a way to buy it digitally.

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I think sim games are honestly the most accessible videogames oen can make.

You're disembodied so it overcomes almost all gender/ethnicity/story barriers. Not to mention they have an incredibly long shelf life. You can still find SIm Golf at WalMart for sale like it was brand new.

I think htey just make them because they're incredibly difficult to market. If this new sim city takes off and they have really discovered how to show these things, then I think we'll see a lot more sim games in the coming years.

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So many awesome contributions to look into! Where to even start?! O.O

& I think I had just about every expansion pack for the original Sims... I don't even want to think about how many hours I put into that as a kid.

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