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GFW Radio was a podcast which was quite similar to the Bombcast in a lot of ways. It was definitely influential, I would say. Did anybody else love GFW Radio as much as I did? If so, I have a treat for you!

I collected all the GFW podcasts and related materials (best of collections, reunions, videos & more) and uploaded it all to the internet archive. It's available here: . This is the most complete collection of GFW Radio podcast to date.

I hope this is nostalgic for some of you. If you enjoy this, please share it around!

Here's a full list of what's in the collection:

    • Every podcast, up until Shawn Elliott's last episode, uniformly tagged & numbered (1-128) including album art from the 1up GFW page, and a description of each episode in the comment section. (All mp3s tagged as disc 1)
      • Video of Episode 127, the Jeff Green farewell episode
    • Best of Compilations (tagged as disc 2):
      • Three best of compilations (2006, 2007, 2008) from
      • A best of clip show, taken from Episodes 1-100, compiled by forum posters.
    • A collection of Hero of the Web segments from 2007, found on the 1up site but not linked anywhere. (Tagged as Disc 3)
    • Reunions (tagged as disc 4):
      • Pax 2009 Reunion, in three parts (video only - the geekbox audio version is bad quality so I didn't include it here)
      • The Geekbox/Comedy Button Reunion, March 2012
      • The Geekbox/Comedy Button Reunion, April 2013
      • Pax 2013 Reunion (as hosted on geekbox)
    • All issues of CGW & GFW Magazines that were published during the podcast's run
    • Various videos from the gamevideos section of the 1up website:
      • Jeff Green/Anthony Gallegos Apology
      • Jeff Green "Goodbye Black Dragon"
      • Shawn Elliott "Game Giveaway" clip
      • Shawn Elliott & Crispin "May Contain Peanuts"
    • A word document with a copy of the 1up site's GFW podcast listing, info on all the Best Of collections and the geekbox reunions.
    • Random Images relating to the show (SFW)
    • Images relating to the Comedy Button 2013 podcast (NSFW)

8.5GB altogether. I've edited this post to reflect what's currently in the collection, where to find it, and where it's currently streaming. I'll probably keep doing that as long as this post exists. Enjoy!

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GFW Radio, listen to our podcast, yo yo.

Thanks! I'll have to grab this at some point and help seed it.

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Yes, please do :) I hope to have direct links in the next few days. Maybe it'll even end up on This wajah shit should be preserved!

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I dunno if anybody is seeing this thread, but I uploaded the entire archive to a webhost. It's available here:

Episodes are still streaming 24/7 at


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I'm a little late to this thread but I want to say thanks for putting these together. I listened to this and the retronauts every day at work before I joined the military. I get out of basic and these dudes had all scattered. Nice to have all of these podcasts to go through again. Thanks.

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You're not the lord of the rings!

CGW, later GFW Radio is hands down one of the most entertaining things on the internet. I have a lot of episodes archived but not all, hopefully this will fill in the gaps.

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Holy shit, you're the goddamn best.

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97.5 the Brodeo

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Nice work man! Thanks for this.

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Late to the party, but thank you for this. One of my favorite podcasts that I've ever listened to, and did from episode 1 until the last one (and the reunions!)

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Thanx a lot, been looking for this forever. If anyone has a full archive of the 1up Show, Id love to get that as well


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I have an incomplete but still pretty darn useful tag archive of GFW.

Includes "Heroes of the Web Halo3 Gamespot Jeff Gerstmann review super fan" and many more.

"There's a bunch of dip***** in the back here pretending to be heroes. Please don't shoot them with your real guns."

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@questengine: Amazing! I've downloaded your page and added it to the collection.