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@Jeffsekai said:
@Diamond said:
"@Jeffsekai:  There seems to be a lot of debate on which is better.  Maybe someone should make a poll, heh. "
Its called Animation not fucking Slideshow.  Add some Animation.
I stand by what I said.
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Jeff could use a little work, but other than that these are amazing!

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@Diamond said:
" @Jeffsekai said:
@Diamond said:
"@Jeffsekai:  There seems to be a lot of debate on which is better.  Maybe someone should make a poll, heh. "
Its called Animation not fucking Slideshow.  Add some Animation.
I stand by what I said. "
So you want to settle for crap? Giantbomb community shines again! 
Make something giantbomb related and even if there is tons of improvement treat it like its perfect. AWESOME
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@HandsomeDevil: I actually already redrew Jeff, but he wasnt in the "Muh Balss" podcast, so you'll have to wait till the next one for him.
@Jeffsekai: I'm still practicing with lip syncing. The next one may have it. It really depends on how much I show them talking, because it takes a lot longer to do the lip syncing than without.
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@Hirashin:  These are awesome. 
I have a suggestion. Maybe you should try to animate their bodies a little. Nothing to complicated like having their arms constantly moving around but like having their bodies shake up and down when they're laughing. I do really like these but for your first and third animation I always felt like something was missing. I don't know I guess just experiment around more.
EDIT: Holy crap I don't what happened there but the board glitched out on me.
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Best one so far! Keep up the good work.

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god damn it, this is the greatest thing that has happened all day 

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for the next one, you should animate vinny's cunt escapades

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I love GiantBomb.

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Dude I could not stop laughing at that

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Lovin' the tiny little box art...and zombie balls.

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Excellent job, keep 'em coming!

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great stuff! keep it up!

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I NEED TO NOT BE IN HERE RIGHT NOW, but please make more.

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These are just getting better and better.

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This is like that Ricky Gervais Show where they basically animated the podcast. Awesome job man keep em coming!!

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Despite having to see the balls over and over this was AWESOME as usual 
Please keep this up 
I suggest swedish candy!

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I don't get why people didn't like the lip syncing. I thought that was fine, but I'm obviously in the minority. These things are still cool, though. Nice work. :)

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Those are... very detailed balls.

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I would pay bank for a 20 - 30 minute one of these for each Bombcast where the best parts of the show are highlighted and animated.

(I thought I would make that Header 3 for emphasis.)
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This is great!

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I'd like to thank you. For the first time a Bombcast has been kinda tolerable. You're awesome man!

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@Sharpless said:
" I don't get why people didn't like the lip syncing. I thought that was fine, but I'm obviously in the minority. These things are still cool, though. Nice work. :) "
I'm with you, I think they're alot better with the moving lips!
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Please do videos of nintendo shovelware releases as Jeff reads off the descriptions. That could be gold

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These are pretty damn funny. You should make Brad look a little more monkey like  though.

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This is so Awesome, love it!

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Wow those are absolutely hilarious.
Any chance of one with the bumper sticker intro "My other ride is a bombcast"

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I preferred the lipsync, even if it was slightly off.
Makes the video more engaging.

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You are a fucking genius!

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The new touch system thingie in Fable 3 and Peter's balls go really well together... 
Also, these are great, keep up the good work.

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What happened to the mouth movement?

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If I may make a suggestion... maybe increase the FPS a little? The mouth movement is a little clunky, but everything else is pretty rad.

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Was totally hoping you'd do this one next, and lo and behold! 
Nice work - least favourite of the three though (despite containing what I consider to be the best banter). I liked the randomness of the others slightly more - had more variety. This one may have focused on the balls a bit too much (although they surely deserved the attention).  Wish you'd bring back the lip movement though - while not to everyone's taste, I'd rather see you work at it more and try to improve it rather than just give up altogether.
Also, the dead ball, hi-fucking-larious. 

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These are brilliant, thanks.

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Fantastic, but it's better with the mouth movement.

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Dude, you are the best!

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Needs the lip syncing certainly. I think the extra effort is totally worth it. I like seeing stuff like this animated. It reminds me of the Ricky Gervais Show carton thing they did. 
Oh also I really love Vinny's face in the 2nd one where he's imitating the "Uh uh uh uh" at the beginning. Great!

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I remember that balls podcast but I didn't remember it with that many balls in it BALLS

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Well done sir.  Your animation does exactly what animation should do: makes the jokes even funnier.

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These are so good. I preferred it when they moved their mouths, though.

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I can watch the Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh vid on loop for an hour straight and not get tired of it.  These are awesome dude, I'm really looking forward to what else you've got up your sleeve!

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Love this series and hope you get a chance to revamp all the Giant Bomb classic moments found on Youtube. 
As far as the lip syncing goes; i think just two frame anime style lip movement would be fine unless an expression calls for something different...i'd assume doing full lip syncing isn't worth the effort manually. I know there exists software that's suppose to automate lip frames with sounds and that may help out.

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@MB: Oh god. That was beautiful.  
BTW, doesn't Ricky Gervais have, like, a cartoon show, where all they do is animate his podcasts? Or something? Whatever. As far as I can tell, this whole concept is, like, the best thing since sliced bread.
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Awesome work on these. Keep em' coming.

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wow these are great. u just found yourself a new subscriber