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High freaking larious.  

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LOL, man great work! Your really talented, I want to see more! It would be cool if you made like a mini GiantBombCast series, mini animated clips of some of the best moments.  Bravo on you son!

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Peter's balls.. creased me up...

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that is all I can say to this.

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These are awesome! Please do NEVER

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Great work.  All kinds of awesome.

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This is awesome!

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#108 Posted by Dunchad (752 posts) -

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These are wicked awesome.

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These are hilarious PLEASE make more!!!

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You really need to get a life man.......Wasting your time with animating someone else s show is just retarded.

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@TomA said:
" You really need to get a life man.......Wasting your time with animating someone else s show is just retarded. "
And yet here you are, commenting on a message board devoted to video games. 
Seriously, great work. I can't wait for Vinny's C-Bomb and pretty much any of the Wii and DS downloads.
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I don't know why no one else liked the animated version. I thought it was really well made.

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I demand more of these.  Seriously though, get on it.  
Good job, man.

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Those were hilarious! Vinny sounds positively aristocratic when he says booolls.

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Love these.  Please keep doing them.

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Oh man those are so damn good. High fives all 'round I think!

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i really enjoy these

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Thank you so much for doing this, its awesome.
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That dead face testicle was awesome

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these were hilarious, to bad that every time i close my eyes i will see liver spotted balls
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ma baullz. Classic. Nice Drawings! 

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Thank you for making my evening.

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one word :amazing
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I wanna see Vinny live one day doing the hand flair!
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These are pretty cool!

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That was amazing. Great job.

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These are great! Please do a Big Live live version with Matt Rorie and Will smith and all other shenanigans!

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two words: thuper tight!

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Very good sir! Keep them coming.

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That's exactly the one I've been working on this week. But also with some My Notebook in there.

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#2 was best then #3 and #1. 
Great job :)

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...that is really funny...i had a ball watching it...maybe i need to watch again so i'll have two
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vary funny

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These videos are FUCKING HILARIOUS! Keep em coming! :D

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I think over-the-top animation of "Thor Odensen" would be hilarious.

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Mah zombie balls.

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Is the "Charmingly Garrulous" bombcast in the works? It would be great to see the face and neck stabbing!

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@IDK2011: That's the second episode. Click the spoiler tag in the first post, it's in there.
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please make more, please please please. I watched the balls one like 5 times now xD

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That was fantastic!

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*slow clap*

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Haha, this is the first time I see these. Hilarious.

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I wouldn't mind this being attached to the whiskey media subscription content... weekly animated Giant Bomb... ;)

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this is fantastic. 

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Stupendous, I'd love to see Jeff Gerstmann impression of John Ricitello talking to the ex-Infinity Ward guys.