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Great job, keep up the good work.  I would love to see LOTS more of these in the future.

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#152 Posted by NapTimeSleeper (352 posts) -

These are awesome.

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best thread on the site

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Oh man, never stop, please

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LMAO... these are so damn good!!! please keep it up!  
Great Job man!

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These are fantastic. I would love to see more.

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These are really good! I especially liked the animated mouths on the Uh uh uh uh uh video.  
Man I would love to see podcasts entirely animated like this... it would take months of course, but maybe they could pay you!

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Need Episode 4.

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Wow, Great job!

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When is number 4.

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Silky the Fairy and Saucepan Man HAS to be made. Saucepan Man will give ya a Rolex. XD

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I may have a new one by monday, since everyone loves that day so much.

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Man those were great Im dying now lol but man please do One for when there talking about going to the moon and making a game on the mooooooon i forget what pod cast thats from but it would be hilarious to see it animated but great job   

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@UnsavedHero said:
" Silky the Fairy and Saucepan Man HAS to be made. Saucepan Man will give ya a Rolex. XD "
fuck yeah
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I watched the uh-uh-uh one about ten times! Awesome work, looks better fully animated but if you can get them out quicker with jut stills, either way is good

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hahaha these are great. Awesome work TC.
Also shows how funny the bomb squad is... I'd watch this over just about any scripted television.

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You guys should totally do that podcast from August 08 inwhich the guys drink some oat milk and some other stuff and Jeff gets mad. It runs for about 15 minutes of epicness!
And also that one from TGS 08 when Jeff mocks Tecmo and Koei. It's the best!

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That whole conversation was amazing. Good choice.

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i want more of this stuff! make it a season or something :)
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Great work on these.  Would definitely love to see more. 

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Man I missed this post somehow.  Hehe, think this should go on the homepage.

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As a thanks for hitting 100 followers I made a wallpaper! 
It matches the new style of the animations that I am working on now. That's why it's been a while since an update. But there should be a new one soonish.

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New one finally completed! I've gone with a new art style which is why this took so long. And I am still animating the lips which is time consuming.  Enjoy!

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ah, that segment was pretty funny but damn hilarious with your animations

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OK that one was damned good.  Almost makes up for you not showing up for the podcast on time.

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@Hirashin said:
" New one finally completed! I've gone with a new art style which is why this took so long. And I am still animating the lips which is time consuming.  Enjoy! "
That was outstanding. Your best so far: I love it.
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Fantastic, the DSi and Wiiware releases are always hilarious and this was one of the best, great work once again Hirashin.

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I don't mean to sound rude but the latest one (My Exotic Farm) is UFCKING AMAZING! Good Job with the 12 FPeses and the rest of the video.

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#181 Posted by Mikemcn (8576 posts) -


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lmao best one yet

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Haha wtf at Brad at the end

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Hirashin you are getting better and better all the time.

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Keep them coming dude, these are really good! I dont think I've heard someone say "FUCK" with as much punch as Ryan Davis.

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#186 Posted by Lake (140 posts) -

Great stuff.

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Hah, great job. Great stuff indeed, all of em!

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oh god you've blown the budget on the newest one.

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That was really good!

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Oh god I don't remember this! Which Bombcast was it from? I need to know! 
Also, your style reminds me alot of Blamimation.

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Great as always.
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Loved the newest one a bunch. Great job! 

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You put a lot of work into the newest one, nice job!

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Great work!

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great stuff yet again! cannot wait for the next one

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You are a genius!!

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Amazing. I lost it when you put in the DP reference when the FPS dropped when both of them talked. Absolutely awesome.

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Kind of thrown by the shading but great stuff as usual.

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Wonderful. Never stop!

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That was unreasonably awesome