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@UnsavedHero said:
" Silky the Fairy and Saucepan Man HAS to be made. Saucepan Man will give ya a Rolex. XD "
" Man I missed this post somehow.  Hehe, think this should go on the homepage. "
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Good one. Love these.

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These are fucking brilliant dude. It reminds me of the Ricky Gervais show on HBO.
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Man, that was great! Keep up the good work!

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Awesome once again. Good job mate

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fucking keep making these they are awesome good job on them.

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I love the new one. The zoom in on the mouth reminds me of the Omlette Du Fromage episode of Dexter's Lab.

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You are amazing. Keep them coming!!

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The My Farm one was brilliant! I like the new style you used for Jeff and Brad, they look a little more like them now. 
Keep up the good work, Hirashin!

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Wow it looks a lot better, keep it up!

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Damn that was decent.  Not very good compared to amateur animators.  But good for someone's first try.  You made a lot of mistakes, but you'll get better.  Keep at it!
Next time post more.  No one wants to see Youtube spam. 

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I love these please keep them coming.

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oh man i loved that latest one

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Man, these are great...  
You are the man...

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What Bombcast is the latest one from? Can't believe that I have not heard that one ;o
It was amazing!

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Saw it, loved it. Please don't stop making them; they're amazing.

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These make the bombcast even more awesome than it already is. Didn't think that was possible. 
The new artstyle in the latest one is cool, but I think the mouth and eyes didn't fit in, which made it pretty wierd to watch. Still really great job though, keep it up.

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That's the best animated one so far. Keep up the great work, duder.

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please keep doing these 

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@LordAndrew: Thanks! I could have sworn I had heard that one :s
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Man, those are hysterical! Keep it up :D.

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Best one yet. Keep them coming!

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I remember that with great fondness and now I can watch it whenever in animated form!

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I'm a big fan, man. Keep doing what you're doing. I don't even remember hearing the "My Farm" one on the podcast, but i love it.

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oh ,god damn it, that is so good.

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Christ that new one is good. 

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@Hirashin: hahahaha goddamn brilliant! Keep those coming! Also, I See you made a lovely wallpaper. I've been hoping someone with skills would make a iPhone 4 "retina display compatible" wallpaper. Could YOU be that person...?
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Hahaha, fuck that's brilliant. I also love the good progression of animation quality you've got going. Keep up the good work.

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wait wait wait, when did the exotic farm take place? I've never heard this, and I've been here since DSI ware started D:

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Not sure if you follow the other Whiskey Media sites, but have you thought of animating any of the other podcasts?

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I love these, and I love you.

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Awesome job on the new one!

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Dude, op, you are awesome! 

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These are getting better every time. Keep it up!

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Awesome update XD

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Holy shit this is amazing!

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Excellent work! I hope the Fantastic Four take notice.

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That was freakin' genius. You totes brought the funny on that one, nice work. Interesting to see your style developing, too!

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Wow, this is pretty much the best thing I've seen all day.  I will definitely be subscribing.

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As someone who just started watching these....BRAVO! I wish the entire Bombcast was animated.
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Well, that's ANOTHER bombcast related channel I have to subscribe to on YouTube......

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You gotta do the Spider bit.

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I enjoy these. May I make a request that the next one be where they talked about pretending to have people over when they order too much food?

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I've been denied, then? Blast.

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@keyhunter said:
Or pupils. : P