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I think this is against a bunch of laws in the Eurozone and possibly other nation states. They are advertising Drew as a premium feature but if you subscribe without knowing anything about Giant Bomb you will find out after you pay that there is no more Drew.

Should this now be changed to get Giant Bomb in accordance with international laws and treaties?

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Don't think that counts as false advertising, but I'm not an expert on law. Regardless, I think it's fine.

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Drew is still in archived premium videos.

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Good thing Giant Bomb is located in International Waters.

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Good thing Giant Bomb is located in International Waters.

Duders San Frontiers?

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When you subscribe, Ryan is also in the congratulatory audio that plays. Pretty sure he has stopped making appearances too

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It hurts my heart every time I see it

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Since subbing still gets you access to hundreds of hours of pre-bottled Drew... Nah? Like, there's probably an argument to be made for redoing the banner - at least, once they've got the new hires sorted out - but I can't see how the existing version would be in violation of any advertising laws. (Of course, I'm far from a legal expert, so I could be wrong... But I doubt it, in this case.)

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Well, I mean there's still a LOT of content with drew in it. That doesn't go away just because he did, so I think it's fine.

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Yeah, Drew is still in the archive and those can't be removed. Same thing with patrick and this video.

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are you a cop or something

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Drew's face during his time here is basically property of CBSi so...