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If memory serves, things went down like this:

'08: GTA IV (Jeff and Vinny) vs. MGS4 (Brad and Ryan). GTA IV wins

'09: Batman AA (Jeff and Vinny) vs. Uncharted 2 (Brad and Ryan). Uncharted 2 wins

'10: Mass Effect 2 (Jeff, Vinny, Ryan) vs. Red Dead Redemption (Brad). Mass Effect 2 Wins

'11: Saints Row 3 (Jeff, Vinny) vs. Skyrim (Brad, Ryan and Patrick). Skyrim wins

So the scores are essentially 2-2 if we count Jeff and Vinny as a block and Brad and Ryan as a block, so how's it gonna shake out this year? Mass Effect 3 could be a contender since 2 won in '10 but Brad jokingly said in the '10 podcast that the debate in '11 would be Batman Vs. Uncharted again, which definitely wasn't the case. It's way to early to tell, but anyone have any guesses what will have suction in the whiskey media offices this year?