GOTY: Spoilers for first Red Dead Redemption?

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Hi, this may be a weird question, but since I just finished RDR2 and started the first game right after, I was wondering wether there were any Spoilers for the first RDR during the Game of the Year discussions?

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#2 Posted by Stephen_Von_Cloud (1696 posts) -

I don't believe so. They didn't compare it much that I recall besides Dan just saying 2 is worse for some reason.

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Alright, thanks bud!

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@m0nkey: There are 100% spoilers for the end of Red Dead Redemption in the discussions about RDR2. I can't remember where about during the discussions, but they're there.

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There were spoilers if I remember correctly. Just spoiling a later character interaction and some of the characters that are in both games.

Dan compares something pretty quickly that's pretty predictable at the end of the first game's story, and I don't even know that you'll catch it without having played the first game. It is literally the end of the game he's talking about though. I honestly don't remember any major plot points, aside from that, being given away though.

I was also playing video games while listening and could have easily missed stuff here and there.