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Greetings, fellow Bombers. I am working on a GiantBomb-related project which I hope to release to you all in the coming months. I don't want to say too much about it right now, as it is very much in the formative stage, but I need some feedback from any and all. Hopefully it will be awesome when it is done, but I am being purposefully vague about this right now.

Anyway, I wanted community feedback on the Bombcast stories that stick in your mind, for whatever reason that may be - I'm looking for simply memorable Bombcast moments that have remained with you for whatever reason. The info I would like is this:

Event/Story synopsis:

From Bombcast dated:

Why it stuck with you:

And finally, no, I am not putting a massive bombcast together, but something far wider, if my plans come to fruition. I will reveal more as the project gets going, but without feedback from the community, it'll never get off the ground.

Help me, Bombers; you're my only hope!

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Well this is going great.

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Aw. ~ Um,

Event: Justin McElroy's Time Belt revelation.

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Bombcast: E3 2012 Day Three

Why it stuck with you: Ryan Davis' "Oh my god. Oh my god! Oh my god.."

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There is the phoenix down moment.

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Event/Story synopsis: Ed Boon tells the Hawkman Story - "Risk my life to save midway? Hell no!"

From Bombcast dated: Thursday June 7 2012. E3 2012 Day Two

Why it stuck with you: It's such a super hilarious story! And Ed Boon! This whole episode is pretty memorable.

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AT LAST! These are exactly what I'm looking for. Keep this going! Thank you, Bombers.

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Jeff's escapade as a drunken Santa from 12/15/09. Why? It has all the elements of a classic story: a drunken Jeff Gerstmann and a Mortal Kombat machine. I'll try to think of more and get dates for you.

Also, Johnny V putting porn on a NBA player's PSP.