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I'm being serious and really want to know.

I've got some... stuff... I could bring up to one of the guys just to try to help with some things.

Vague as hell, I know, but I don't want to just post shit about someone.

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Couldn't you try asking them on their tumblrs? Jeff tends to answer seriously if he's got something to say and you're being a)serious, and b)not a dick.

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There's no real point in being so vague, people offer less than constructive criticism all the time.

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Just shoot them a PM on the site, tumblr or twitter. If it isn't nitpicking and actual constructive, friendly criticism, than no harm no foul if they end up reading it or not.

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If you're considerate and being constructive I see no harm whatsoever! What's the worst that can happen? They can't take away your birthday!

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If it were actually constructive, sure, I don't see a problem. But if you're reaching out to "help" one of the crew with their mannerisms or "teach" them how to talk or "advise" on what they're wearing, you're probably coming off much meaner than you think you are. The best move would probably be to take a step back and don't worry so much about it.

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I think trying to contact any of them with "constructive criticism" is a bad idea. In fact, I think it's a bad idea to try and tell anyone what they're doing wrong if you don't actually know them. Worry about yourself, your friends, and your family.

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criticism- especially as it relates to a personal issue- is best delivered by friends and trusted confidants. or when it is openly solicited.

internet randos, not so much.

if the boys are doing something that's inadvertently damaging or hurting you (legitimately), thats one thing. but everything else, i'd say keep it to yourself.

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I already get the impression that you should not say what you're going to say, even if you're intentions are good.

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The first thing that came to mind was that this was about a staff member saying, "Uhm" or "like" too often. My opinion is that you shouldn't give unsolicited advice or constructive criticism to strangers unless you are asked for it.

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Brad is sometimes not great at video games. But that's cool.

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i think if you have to ask, it's already something that's probably provocative and better left unsaid.

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As others have said, if you really feel you have to share this, ask Jeff on his tumblr or PM Rorie. If either answers great, if either doesn't answer you also have your answer (i.e. don't bother).

But also keep in mind, people in their line of work get grief and second guessed all the time and they likely don't want to or need to hear what you have to say. And if this constructive criticism is about anything unrelated to their craft, do not even bother.

GiantBomb occasionally has surveys and stuff like that, if you see one of those you can volunteer it then to the survey.

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If some random person came up to me out of the blue and started telling me how to do my job I would fucking ruin them. These people are professionals and you are a total stranger, how would you feel in that situation?

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Honestly I'd expect the community to take it way worse than any of the duders. They generally seem to have good heads on their shoulders.

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Like others have said, they can't ban you from the internet, so just PM them/ask about in on tumblr. But unless you're 110% sure that your idea is something so groundbreaking that they'll have to start using it, instead of the usual "Your new hire should definitely be a woman/you need someone to cover JRPGs/You should list the price of your game" stuff, you shouldn't probably hold your breath while waiting for a reply.

Now that I read the op again, are you talking specifically about one of them? They still can't ban your from the existance, but if it's something personal like "Dan should stop discussing wrestling/Brad should talk more/Jeff shouldn't dismiss Shenmue" you really shouldn't hold your breath.

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First off, ask yourself whether your "constructive criticism" is actually an issue that affects your experience of Giant Bomb (i.e. "When X-person does Y in Z content, I am unable to follow along with the game"). Make doubly-sure it isn't just you picking apart differences in how they do their job to your perceived view on how you would do the job.

If this is the case, giving advice is fine in the right way. The awesome Tumblr, "Ask a Game Dev", recently made a great post on how to give feedback to developers which I highly suggest you check out. I think it also applies generally, but I'll summarise how:

Briefly say what they do and how it affects your personal enjoyment/understanding of the site (don't speak for "all viewers" or assuming you know better than the staff). Then, end the message without offering/asserting solutions (they are smart and understand the repercussions of changing something better than you do - so they'll figure out what change, if any, is worth doing). Have no expectations of change or them ever getting back to you. Be Nice.

In general, PM-ing Rorie is what I do if I have something about the site I want to say. Sometimes I'll ask Jeff on his Tumblr - but I want to say that this is a poor place for offering feedback that isn't a question about the reasoning behind clear choice made on the site. If it's someone else, PM-ing them on the site might work (Jeff definitely looks at them for questions for Jar Time videos but not sure how regularly). Maybe it's best to just send a message to Rorie about it (since part of his job is support). Honestly, if it's so personal to a specific staff member that you couldn't tell Rorie, that's a red flag that it's not the kind of useful feedback they're looking for.

I'll give a personal example of feedback: "When Jason made DMX Goomba cover the whole screen in Mario Party Party streams, I found it difficult to follow what was happening in the game, and even found it distracting from the conversation. Often I'd just wait for the VOD so in those moments I could quickly reverse the stream to focus solely on the conversation" - the only reason I didn't personally send this feedback was because those videos were so infrequent, it didn't really affect my enjoyment of the site, and I saw in chat how many other people liked those moments.

Another recent example is in the first "Beast to the East" comments section where users found difficulty in following the game and conversation at the same time due to Dan skipping dialogue quickly. This was useful feedback where a multiplicity of users all had the same personal experience - so the staff took it on board by the second episode.

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It's probably not a good idea to give unsolicited advice. So what is it?

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Yeah, I'd expect them to be able to take criticism into account. As for the community...

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Fair enough, the people have spoken and opened my eyes a little.

This all being said, I love all the bombcast crew.