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#172 Posted by Xshinobi (609 posts) -

I can sub using the method provided but the most recent episode is from September of 2017. Any help in resolving this would be appreciated.

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#173 Posted by DJGhostmare (86 posts) -

I’ve tried adding the premium GiantBombcast feed but the latest episode is from 2017. My Beastcast and video feeds have no issue. I see I am not the only person who has faced this, but it is unclear to me if anyone has found a solution.

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#174 Edited by Windir2112 (193 posts) -

@rphilo: How did you get it working on Podcast Addict. I cant seem to for some reason. It keeps telling me there's a syntax error or something, but I'm just copying and pasting it.

EDIT: Nevermind i'm a dumbass and was using the wrong link

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#175 Posted by Rorie (5217 posts) -