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Jeff is wrong.

Pong is still salvageable.

Pac-Man was tired. No one wanted Pac-Man. Sure, you had a copy on your phone, but you never actually played it. But then along came Pac-Man Championship Edition DX. Five-stars-from-Ryan-Davis Pac-Man, unexpected and now beloved.

Imagine Pong. As you bounce the ball back to your opponent, more balls appear trailing along. But more paddles appear. Survive long enough and the screen's edges are eventually covered with flashing paddles and the center filled with neon balls. Maybe you can even move your paddles away from the edge to get fruit powerups or "bombs" that can save your hide in a pinch. Techno music.

Pong Champion Edition DX.

Am I mad or do you see it, too?

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I'd like to see CEDX versions of every classic game.

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They already played that card like 14 years ago with Pong: The Next Level. It was alright. I played it a lot actually, ordered it off of one of those scholastic catalogues you'd get at school.